Belén Rodríguez, grateful for being able to say goodbye to María Teresa Campos: “Terelu called me”

Belen Rodriguez was a great friend to Maria Teresa Campos. Also for Terelu Campos y carmen borrego, although they have been estranged for months due to the confrontations they have had. Even so, the Campos sisters decided that the journalist should have the opportunity to say goodbye to the veteran communicator.

Terelu called her to go to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, where the veteran communicator’s light went out forever last Tuesday, September 5.

This is how Belén Rodríguez herself explained it this Saturday on Telecinco: “I thank them for having had that opportunity. They would put themselves in Teresa’s place, she would have wanted it. Furthermore, they know that it was also very important to me.”

And he added: “Terelu called me to tell me to go say goodbye to Teresa (…) I have always been with Teresa for many hours and for me the important thing was to say goodbye. I didn’t see the situation as serious, but the next day I returned to the hospital and we were clear that it was going to be that day. María Teresa was admitted to the Madrid hospital on Sunday, on Monday the family experienced the worst hours and finally died in the early hours of Tuesday.

The collaborator, who was also at the wake and the cremation, recalled her relationship with the matriarch of the Campos clan: “Teresa and I were very complicit, very equal. She was very funny and we had a very similar sense of humor. He the same one that Alejandra has taken”, he has sentenced in Fiesta.

The remains of the Malaga journalist were cremated last Wednesday in the strictest privacy and only with the presence of her daughters, her grandchildren, Gustavo, Belén herself and the relatives who arrived from Malaga.

The relationship between Belén and María Teresa’s daughters went awry when the sisters accused her of being the ‘topa’ of certain information related to the Campos clan. Alejandra Rubio also pointed her out and got into a fight with her on the television sets. After intense exchanges of statements, Terelu went so far as to say in May of this year: “I want to make it very clear. If Belén wants to go see my mother, she doesn’t even have to see me or my sister or anyone. I get that message “I sent it a few weeks ago through someone, so I want to make it publicly clear.”