Amor Romeira collapses after her encounter with Sonia Ferrer: “I haven’t received so much transphobia in years”

Love Romeira She participated this week in Cuatro, where a debate about trans women was opened, in which she herself and also participated. Sonia Ferrer. A question from the presenter deeply bothered her former big sister, to the point that she burst into tears after the helplessness she felt live.

“I ask you, what does it mean to be a woman? Seriously, what does it feel like to say ‘I identify as a woman?'” Romeira, she replied: “My mother, at this point in life I have to explain to Sonia Ferrer what a woman is.”

Ferrer replied: “To me it is an adult human female.” Later, Amor reproached: “I don’t understand the same old debate again. I don’t know, so many things have been achieved to once again criticize that the trans woman is a woman. I don’t understand where the debate is.”

After the impact that the video has had on social networks, Romeira has announced on “Thank you to everyone who sends me their love and support. I need to disconnect. I’m sorry for not being able to continue fighting but it’s weighing me down a lot,” he wrote this Friday.

The Telecinco collaborator also left another message on Instagram: “It is exhausting to have to be 24/7 for 365 days a year fighting to be who you are. For respect and tolerance. For your identity and gender. Until when?”

He also recalled how his beginnings on television were: “In 2007 I exposed my life, my reality, my process. I was 18 years old when I entered Big Brother to revolutionize a country. To stir consciences. And give visibility to the normality of being a trans woman.”

He explained that then he did not find things easy at all: “I suffered from transphobia. But in 2007, not even half of the information that exists now existed. And when I look at the past and see what was experienced, what was exposed, I think that this treatment of people would be inadmissible. a trans woman today.

In this sense, she lamented: “Well, in 2023 I am experiencing the worst transphobic attacks of my life. I had never suffered harassment and mistreatment of myself for the simple fact of being a trans woman. I thought that no one would question that trans women are women”.

For all this, she denounced what happened on the set of Cuatro: “Well, they have once again denied me my identity as a woman, they have mistreated me, they have humiliated me, to the level of leaving me touched. And I know that I have to be strong, but it is exhausting. “But it’s tiring. I don’t understand the debate, I don’t understand the questioning of whether trans women are women or not.”

Romeira also had some words of gratitude for the people who have supported her: “Thank you to all of you who have sent me your love, affection and support. I am not having a good time. But we will continue fighting. We have no choice. Even though I am crying now as I write this,” he said.