Belén Esteban explodes indignantly after being accused of being Ana Obregón’s spokesperson: “No one entangles me”

bethlehem esteban has acknowledged that he talks to Ana Garcia Obregon during these days marred by the controversy of her surrogate motherhood. The princess of the town, in addition, assures that she knows a person close to the presenter who would have seen with her eyes the document that proves the last will of Alessthat of having offspring post-mortem.

Both the presenter Jorge Javier Vazquezlike most of the collaborators, have questioned the version of the collaborator, insinuating that Belén is allowing herself to be manipulated by her source.

In the program, they have even insinuated that Obregón would be passing on certain information to benefit his own media interests, although according to Andrea Janeiro’s mother, he has only spoken with Ana about issues related to the creature and how it is in its early days. days of life She maintains that with Ana he has not discussed difficult issues such as the holographic will of the young entrepreneur, but with a person close to her who would have seen a certain document.

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Belén, indignant, has exploded against her colleagues: “No one entangles me,” she has reiterated annoyed and raising her tone. Her colleagues and her presenter continue to question her information and advise her not to be “deceived”, “manipulated” and “entangled” by her source, whoever she is.