Aless Lequio appointed Carolina Monje as the recipient of her samples and she resigned before a notary

In any moment Aless Lequio he asked the one who was his girlfriend, Carolina Monk, to be a mother in the future with his sperm. However, he did donate the deposited samples to her in case she wanted to do so. Our sources agree in differentiating both things: the son of Ana Obregon He never told his girlfriend that he wanted her to conceive a being with his semen, he only left it to her in case in the future, at her free choice, she made the decision to do so.

For that reason, Aless appointed Carolina Monje as the recipient of the samples, that were kept in a clinic in Barcelona. This is how it is in a document. But Carolina made a move six months after Aless passed away and decided to put her intention black on white. Once advised, and to avoid possible implications in the future, went to a notary on Rambla de Catalunya, in Barcelona.

It is dated November 20, 2020, and Carolina Monje declares in writing and before the notary public chosen by her that she renounces the samples to which she had been designated as recipient. The notary cannot tell her that she physically destroys the evidence, but he can record that she, authorized to use them, resigns. It was after her, once Carolina had in her possession the document certifying her resignation, when she communicated to third parties her position in the sense that she was in favor of destroying them. We cannot guarantee one hundred percent that there were no other samples.

The recent approach of Ana Obregón towards Carolina Monje, through a message, was interpreted by the recipient as an attempt by the actress “so that he would shut his mouth”, for using the exact phrase used by a source in the environment of the one who was the girlfriend of Aless Lequio.

Carolina’s response to Ana Obregón

We have had access to the reply that Ana Obregón received in response to her message, sent by Carolina. In her line of being an extremely polite and respectful person of hers, Carolina came to tell her that she was happy for her (for her Ana) and sent her a kiss. She was “correct but rather dry”, they point out.

To understand the astonishment of Carolina Monje days ago, when having communication with Ana Obregón, suddenly and after a long time, you have to go back to when they shared many moments taking care of Aless. There were then moments in which both were united by love for the young man whose life was slipping between their fingers. The mother’s love and that of her girlfriend gave Aless strength and comfort. Alessandro Lequio he also emptied of affection and the three of them supported each other while supporting Aless. They looked at each other, hugged each other and closed their eyes before the tragedy.

But in those moments of tension and unspeakable anguish, sometimes the character of a mother soured before the abyss inevitable loss of being that was his whole life. And at times Ana would get beside herself. It’s understandable. Like Carolina, Alessandro witnessed explosions and many of them were darts aimed at his son’s girlfriend. Some of them she wrote and Carolina stopped herself from answering her but sometimes she couldn’t bear the harsh words of her ‘mother-in-law’. After Aless’s death they consoled each other but there were also disagreements in some cases and some were via message, recording their existence.

What Carolina does not want is to be in the spotlight, which is why, despite the insistence of some programs, she has opted for silence and prudence. She also doesn’t want the slightest confrontation with Ana or with Nadir. Another thing is erasing the truth, erasing documents that exist, and not just messages back and forth, but signed by a notary.