The name of Begoña Villacís has been in all the headlines these days. His flirtations about leaving the door open to “being an internal current within PP” raised all kinds of speculation. The deputy mayor got out of trouble to clarify this matter and give her version this Wednesday the 1st: “I have never proposed to the Popular Party.” The format that she chose to put light on was a press conference, microphone in hand and a room set up in a central Madrid hotel. A navy blue pantsuit look and a flower mural to soften the image.

That he remains in Ciudadanos, that he has not yet made his candidacy official in the orange primaries and that he is running for mayor of Madrid. Begoña Villacís, with the nerves of the moment, thus settled the speculation about her political future and focused on her journey in the party and on the liberal current that they represent: “I am not staying in Ciudadanos because I have not left”, she played with the words. However, she prevented the press conference from being held at the headquarters of her party in Madrid.

The impact of these rumors reached Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, who was quick to slip that she did not like the signing. Alberto Núñez Feijóo himself, president of the PP, commented that he was not aware that Villacís I would have thrown the yew to his party. Finally, the deputy mayor disassociated herself from the matter with a spontaneous “they are bickering.”

In sync with these tectonic movements, the deputy mayor of Madrid lives a balsamic and calm moment in her private environment. Divorced from the lawyer Antonio Suárez-Valdés, with whom she has three daughters (Paula, Jimena and Inés), Villacís began a relationship with the journalist Rubén Amón, which ended last summer.