The breaking of Shakira y Gerard Pique, which this Thursday blows out 46 and 36 candles respectively, has everything: infidelities, hints, songs, etc. He only needed one added detail to become a true soap opera: a private detective.

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Everything would have started a year ago, in January 2022, when the singer began to doubt the loyalty of the former culé player because of the famous jar of jam that mysteriously appeared in the fridge when it was not a product that was consumed at home.

With the fly behind her ear, the one from Barranquilla is currently traveling to the United States for 17 days to fulfill some professional commitments but hires a detective to monitor the night outings of the father of her two children in Barcelona, ​​according to her account. four a day.

To Shakira’s surprise, the detective discovers Piqué with Clara Chia and gives him some photographs as proof. It is then when the interpreter of They burned He proposes to the owner of Kosmos to go to couples therapy. However, the aforementioned medium ensures that the ex-soccer player refused and it was when he went to his bachelor flat in the center of Barcelona. A few months later, in May 2022, Gerard wants to come home and she agrees. But the relationship is already at its worst and it is in June of that same year when they decide to make their breakup public.