Bautista also qualifies for the ribbon and All Around finals at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.


This Friday, the Spanish Alba Bautista entered the ribbon and All Around finals at the 40th European Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, which is being held in Budapest (Hungary), having also qualified the day before for the hoop and hoop finals. Ball.

Thanks to her 32,300 points, Alba Bautista took seventh place in the treadmill qualifying round, led by the Italian Sofia Raffaeli with 33,800 points. However, the also Spanish Polina Berezina was seventeenth, with 30,650 points, and was eliminated.

In the All Around qualifying phase, Bautista was eighth with 100,400 points, at a rate of 34,050 in hoop along with 34,050 in ball and 32,300 in ribbon. Meanwhile, Berezina repeated seventeenth place with 94,850 points, according to 33,150 in hoop and 31,050 in clubs, after a claim, along with 30,650 in ribbon, to also get into the final.