Barça Femenino reappears without Alexia Putellas amid the Luis Rubiales scandal

After experiencing one of the most controversial weeks in the Spanish Football Federation, the FC Barcelona players have been seen this morning at the Barcelona airport to start their preseason in Mexico. The team arrived carrying their suitcases and many of them were happy to be able to continue wasting their professionalism on the field but they were not complete.

It has drawn particular attention the absence of Alexia Putellas. The midfielder has not appeared at the airport after all the controversy that has arisen this week with Luis Rubiales for the non-consensual kiss he gave to his partner, Jenni Hermoso.

In addition, the media present at the airport have been able to ask Patri Guijarro and Claudia Pina about the scandal that is taking place in the sports field, but the truth is that the young women have preferred to remain silent and not comment on whether Rubiales should resign or not.

All of them, working together and with the enthusiasm of the preseason, have caught a flight that will take them to Mexico to play a two-game tour against Club América Femenil and Tigres Femenil on August 29 and September 1.