Maintain the routines of the so-called 'invisible training', but also limit access to the news to avoid generating feelings of anxiety or insecurity, These are some of the objectives of the Comprehensive Sports Service (SID) that advises the 670 athletes from La Masia. This has been announced by the Barça club on its website, in which it has reported on the guidelines that are followed with its athletes, residents and non-residents of La Masia, after the first two weeks of confinement

These recommendations, based on four aspects (family collaboration, teleworking, daily routines and technological control), They are sent based on how events are generated or based on conversations with families and the concerns that arise.

The family is the backbone of mutual aid, in the way of working as a team, sharing tasks and also moments of leisure that, due to continuous sports commitments, do not take place during the year, according to the Catalan entity.

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* Data updated as of March 29, 2020

In this last aspect, the club recommends dosing the time dedicated to electronic devices. “We must limit access to the news once a day and thus avoid generating feelings of anxiety or insecurity”, it is insured from the entity.

The tutors maintain individualized tutorials by video call, to try to maintain the normal dynamics and to manage any type of situation that may concern them, and see the impact of the situation on an emotional level.

The second type of tutoring is done in small groups, as a result of the tutorials of family dynamics, and to redirect issues related to anxieties.

As for leisure, the tutors of La Masia urge athletes to enjoy free time so as not to burden them with too many lectures. “One of the activities that has been successful has been that of culinary recommendations. The different tutors have received cooking recipes and even some have dared with the challenge of cooking. An original way that aims at leisure and moves away from electronic devices. “, assures Barça in its statement.

The third type of activities are group tutorials focused on reinforcing activities with the whole team that aim to keep the group feeling together, aimed at order, coexistence, academic training and those made with the participation, also, of coaches. “In these, an issue related to the sports part is agreed with the coach to work on different aspects such as group cohesion, team challenges and communication. And all this is done, for example, through questions with the Kahoot tool Questions to generate healthy competitiveness and at the same time learning the Club's identity in terms of values, “says the Catalan club.