Bárbara Rey's son suffered a stroke: he tried to kill himself with a gun that belonged to his father

Weeks ago, the son of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo began destroying his own mother for deliveries in exchange for money on television. Facing criticism for his statements, Angel Cristo Jr. He defended that he was sharing data from his past that he felt should be known. This Friday it was his girlfriend who joined the coven against the star, sharing her miseries with the public. The audience is already a little fed up with so much crap and this Friday the program they present Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona marked a minimum audience.

In 'Friday!' We have been able to listen to Ana Herminia. The girlfriend of the son of the actress and the trainer confessed that the son of Ángel Cristo He would have suffered a stroke that would have left him with after-effects that still affect him today in his daily life. He has commented how he has lost mobility in the left arm, although it has not only affected the physical part.

Unfortunately, as a result of the stroke, he has problems organizing his ideas and also has difficulty remembering. According to her, all this is related to the stress you suffer in your personal life. He also wanted to highlight how the illusion that kept him going every day was “that little person” and that not having him around makes him feel cheated, becoming something that saddens him instead of encouraging him.

As the end of the year approaches and with Christmas still very close, Ángel's girlfriend has been in charge of commenting on how they are living these last few weeks. She admitted how she hoped to spend Christmas alone with her daughter, but her prediction has changed. Thanks to Ángel Cristo Jr. and his circus family, Cristo and his girlfriend have been welcomed with open arms and have been able to remember what their first date was like, which took place in a circus.

Without a doubt, these have been very turbulent months for the family of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo and although family tension does not stop growing, in family relationships you never know with certainty what will happen later. We can only wait and see if there is any opportunity or if the lawsuit that Sofía Cristo and Bárbara Rey want to file against Ángel Cristo Jr will be the end of this story.

Barbara said she was going to sue you…

“Nothing has arrived. We are waiting. Christmas is atypical. I have always been alone with my daughter, it was the first time I was going to feel like a family but it hasn't been like that. The positive thing is that this is happening, the another family from Ángel has welcomed us with open hands, the circus family. They make you feel comfortable and we were able to really enjoy the 24th. My first date with Ángel was at the circus, he told me I want to take you to the circus but that you should bring your daughter and I fell in love with her,” Ana Herminia declared on Telecinco.

About this summer's episode, when Ángel had an argument, he hit rock bottom…

“This summer, Ángel told me that he tried to take his life. There was a turning point this summer, when I couldn't take it anymore. Too many open fronts. I felt afraid for him. If Ángel doesn't tell his truth, I don't know if I would have him here with me “In 2009 he took his father's gun, got into his SUV, went to a field and tried to take his life and get out of the way.”

“This has been the most difficult thing that Ángel has had to say. That night, after the fight with his mother, which was a stupid thing that got out of hand… If they had both listened to me, what should not have happened happened. That night I found another Angel, another different person. I found him in his worst stage. We were coworkers and what came out of me was to protect him. I have to protect this child and take care of him. He was going through a delicate moment in what most It hurts him in life and I had to understand why, and I went little by little… Ángel and I are eleven months old, but 24/7 together, we work together. When I realize that it is not that situation, but that there was something else that made Ángel have attitudes that marked him and was different. I told him why your self-esteem was so low. Ángel was a trembling child. I have taught many children and he was a helpless, trembling child with afraid for something stupid,” said Ana Hermnia.

Accused of gender violence

“Imagine starting with a person and they tell you that I am accused of gender violence, I have a lawsuit. They are asking me to go to jail for the seizure of assets. Don't be scared but When I was twelve years old I took a photo of the King of Spain.. For me it was a bombardment of information. I didn't watch TV, I had no idea who Bárbara or Ángel Cristo was. “He told me you don't know who I am… I mean no idea,” she said.

A shot with his father's gun

“They have been very difficult months… I have experienced ugly things. At that moment I had suspicions and I asked Ángel: have you made an attempt on your life? Do you need a psychologist? I don't see you well. There are episodes that I see that say this is not right At that moment he told me that in 2009 when he returned from Boston and felt lost and had no life to return to his music… his guitar, productions and he didn't have the money, he told me that In 2009 he took his father's gun, got into his car and went to a field, He grabbed the gun, put it on, fired and thank God the bullet didn't come out. Then he fired and the bullets did come out. In the summer I was afraid, I cried every day… We were working in Calpe and Marbella. When he got into the car I asked the miraculous Virgin to bring him back to me. When she didn't answer the phone she drove me crazy.”