Barbara Rey sends a devastating message to Ana Obregón: “I see Alessandro suffer”

Barbara Rey is on everyone’s lips for the premiere this Wednesday of his documentary on Antena 3, a barbaric life. In the first episode, the former vedette from Totana delved especially into her childhood and the mistreatment that both she and her sister suffered from her mother. Barbara is also aware of the hottest topics today on social networks, even if they are not related to her.

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In this sense, he has left a message to Ana Obregon and has launched an ordeal in favor of Alessandro Lequio. She has done it directly in one of the posts in which the actress talks about the child who was born more than three weeks ago in Miami by surrogacy and who is actually her granddaughter, since, according to her, the sperm used was that of his son died three years ago, Aless Lequio.

“Because I’m famous, I’m not going to comment, I’ll just say that I see Alessandro Lequio suffer and I’m very sorry. It seems that nobody remembers him. Continuously reminding him of his deceased son is tremendously painful. Nobody has the right to make him suffer, “he said. Barbara in a very forceful way against the 68-year-old biologist.

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Thus, Barbara has not been shy about giving her opinion on one of the issues that has generated the most debate in recent weeks and that, for obvious reasons, has gone beyond the tabloids.

Surrogacy is an illegal method in our country, so wealthy people like Ana allow themselves the ‘luxury’ of traveling to countries like the United States to fulfill their ‘wishes’. According to Obregón, he has brought little Ana Lequio Obregón into the world to fulfill the last wishes of her biological son, although Alessandro questioned his words and the supposed holographic will that, according to Ana, the young entrepreneur would have left.