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Roberto Bautista awarded Spain the first point in the final of the ATP Cup, which is being played this Sunday in Sdney (Australia), after winning the Serbian Dusan Lajovic. (7-5 and 6-1: Narration and statistics)

On the track of Ken Rosewall Arena, within the Sydney Olympic Park, Bautista took the victory after a duel of 1 hour and 38 minutes. Thus, number 10 of the world ranking put the Spanish team close to the title, in the absence of Rafael Nadal facing Novak Djokovic.

Lajovic, with the support of the stands, showed his best version in the inaugural set. He was able to overcome a bad start, where the right-wing blows made by his rival were devastating. Bautista was placed 2-0 and 40-0 up, when then his opponent woke up by saving a dangerous ball from the bottom of the track.

Despite finally giving up that game (3-0), the balcnico had already entered the job. And he showed it by assigning his subsequent service blank, scoring with difficulty his next serve and breaking in half the Baptist serve (3-3).

Having saved two 'break' opportunities, Lajovic did not want the first meeting of the grand final to escape so quickly. He even came out unharmed from a 4-3 down and 30-40 with his duty shift, which maintained equality and led the set to sudden death.

However, the Spaniard pressed the accelerator in the twelfth game and took advantage of his first option to break when he was 15-40, to certify 7-5 and start with confidence the second round. And until there came the fuel of the Serbian, who was immediately overwhelmed.

Bautista aimed his first two shifts at the service, breaking two more of his opponent and thereby achieving a broad 4-0 lead. Desperately, Lajovic connected a pair of accurate drives and consumes a break that lengthens an exchange of balls with obvious Spanish color.

The Castelln de la Plana continued with his versatility on the track and broke again (5-1), consolidating such a situation to put the final 6-1 and track what will be a new success of Spanish tennis. If Nadal bends Djokovic, he will seal the double under the Davis Cup won at the end of last November.

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