Baltasar Garzón and Dolores Delgado get married: the details of their engagement after several years of discretion

Baltasar Garzón (68) y Dolores Delgado (61) are getting married. The media judge and the prosecutor of the Supreme Court will take this new step in their relationship on December 3 after three years of love and 30 of friendship. Their romantic relationship became known with some photographs in which they appeared very sweet on a trip to Italy, something that shocked not only because of the social profiles they represent, but also because the two were leaving behind consolidated marriages.

The one who was one of the most popular judges in Spain and the prosecutor They have known each other since the 90s, when she was assigned to the National Court and he was head of court number 5 for ‘operation Nécora’. From then on they forged a great friendship that later became something more. And, following this line, they are now preparing to be husband and wife, according to reports this Thursday The world.

Garzón and Delgado are very discreet when it comes to exposing their romantic relationship, although the connection between them, especially when they started dating, has always been very evident. An example of this was when in 2020 they were seen in a loving attitude at the Bacco in Trastevere trattoria restaurant in Rome. Later, some photographs were published showing them together at the Fiumicino airport.

During their friendship they were both with other people. However, things changed for them over time. Three years ago the prosecutor divorced Jordi Valls Capell, Former director of El Corte Inglés and professional landscape photographer, with whom he had two children. They had been married since 1986. For his part, Garzón signed the separation with the mother of his three children, the biochemist Rosario Molinain 2021. He married her in 1980.

The news of their engagement has been announced in a key – and painful – environment for Delgado, after the Supreme Court annulled his promotion to prosecutor of the Military Room this November 21st. Fortunately, not everything is bad news, and next month will begin a very exciting period that will further strengthen their ties. As this digital news outlet was able to confirm, the two have been living together for more than a year. in the Ciudalcampo urbanization, on the outskirts of Madrid, considered one of the most beautiful and safest in terms of privacy: there are more than 30 surveillance cameras, which guarantee the characters who have chosen it privacy, but also tranquility.

Garzón and Delgado share passions and ideology -both approach socialism- and for decades they have coincided in trials, conferences and meals. They have also experienced good and bad times together. Among them, when in 2012 the judge was tried and sentenced to 11 years of disqualification for illegal wiretapping when he was investigating the corruption of the Popular Party in the Gurtel case.