Baby oil, Adama’s trick to be unstoppable

Adama Traore (26 years old) will soon become a new player of the Barça and the winger will return to the Camp Nou after six and a half years in English football, where he has gained muscle mass and has become a constant danger for rival defenses. The Spanish international is a born dribbler and in December 2019 he suffered a left shoulder dislocation which caused him problems in the following months with the Wolverhampton.

In that season, Adama Traore he dislocated his shoulder up to four times and in June he even played 77 minutes against Sheffield United with this ailment. Seeing the games go by and the rival defenses kept grabbing his arm to stop his runs down the flank, Adam He decided to take a measure that prevented further shoulder injuries and made him unstoppable for opponents: baby body oil.

Adam it is smeared in oil before the start of games and at breaks as a prevention, since in case the defenders manage to grab his arm they cannot hold it for a long time due to the sliding effect of the baby body oil.

Adama Traoré uses baby body oil to prevent injuries

Adama Traoré uses baby body oil to prevent injuries


“It’s something we’ve had to do to protect Adama. The defenders are so concerned that he will go away with his speed that they reach out and yank on his arm. That was causing the shoulder to pop out during matches. Lubricating his arms makes it more difficult for rivals to grab him and helps prevent further damage, ”they pointed out in their day from the locker room of the Wolverhampton about the use of Adam of baby oil.

With this clever trick, Adama Traore He has not had any more problems with his shoulder and it is also more difficult to mark him from short distances, which allows the winger to show off his full offensive potential. It should also be remembered that Adama Traore He is one of the fastest players in the world thanks to his powerful lower body and now he will try to succeed again in the Barça.

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