Resurrection of Telefónica in the stock market? Record the highest rise in 14 months and is on the run to take advantage of a bullish pull

01/28/2020 – 17:29 Updated: 17:58 – 01/28/20 The stars have lined up so that Telefónica bounces after losing 6 euros in recent days and set minimums of the last century. Expectations for the sale of assets, rumors of the entry of partners into capital, good recommendations from analysts and a good technical aspect have caused … Read more

Nike stops selling all Kobe Bryant related products

The devastating death of Kobe Bryant has caused Nike to lose one of its great ambassadors. After the absence of one of the best players in the history of basketball, the American brand has decided to withdraw from the market all products related to the former Los Angeles Lakers player. Nike wants to avoid that … Read more