Atlético wants to put an end to Alhama’s cup dream

Atlético wants to put an end to Alhama’s cup dream


Atlético de Madrid will start as favorites in the first semifinal of the ‘Final a Cuatro’ of the Copa de la Reina-Iberdrola 2022-2023 that will face Alhama CF El Pozo this Monday (9:00 p.m. / Teledeporte), revelation of the tournament and that he will have to deal with his lesser experience and the pain of having certified his relegation from the Finetwork Liga F.

The ‘ko’ competition reaches its decisive phase that will be fully played at the Butarque Stadium in the Madrid town of Leganés. Without the presence of the almighty FC Barcelona, ​​eliminated due to the improper alignment of Geyse Ferreira against Osasuna, everything opens up much more for its four participants, with Real Madrid and Athletic Club completing the shortlist for the other semifinal on Wednesday.

The two teams from Madrid start with a certain favoritism over the Murcian and the Vizcaya, and the first one that will have to comply with this label will be an Atlético de Madrid that knows that it has a great opportunity to shine a season where it has not been excessively good in the F League

The mattress team has not been able to meet the objective of accessing a Champions League preview by finishing fourth, 18 and 9 points behind second and third place, and now they will look for a trophy that they have already won once, in 2016 against Barcelona.

Before, they will have to qualify for their fourth final, the first since 2019, and for this they will have to get off the revelation of this edition, an Alhama CF El Pozo that will be presented in Butarque with nothing to lose and after having overcome five qualifiers and leaving Valencia (16th), Levante (8th) and UDG Tenerife (4th), always with the ‘help’ of playing at home.

‘Randri’ García’s team, a coach who was at the center of the controversy last month due to accusations of alleged humiliating treatment in the locker room, arrives without pressure and wanting to compensate for the pain of having been relegated last Saturday, although during half an hour he was saved.

To continue making history, Alhama will have to overcome an Atlético de Madrid team that has won both league matches, 1-0 in Alcalá de Henares and 3-1 in the Murcian town. The rojiblanco team has, in addition to more experience, a much greater offensive arsenal and will demand a perfect defensive match from them to then try to take advantage of the fact that the minutes go by in their favour.



MADRID ATHLETIC: Gallardo; Moraza, van Dogen, Menayo, Medina; Lopez, Majarin; Cardona, Warrior, Banini; and Abijad.

ALHAMA CF THE WELL: Laura Martinez; Adule, Lena, Caravaca, Oprea, Martinez Gonzalez, Quintero; Marti, Boho, Alvarez; and Pinel.

–REFEREE: Zulema Gonzalez Gonzalez (C.Gallego).

–STADIUM: Butarque.

–TIME: 9:00 p.m./Teledeporte.