Tamara Falcó and the fine of one million euros that could ruin her wedding with Iñigo Onieva

The Marquise de Griñón continues adding calamities in the countdown to her big day. She assures that her wedding with Inigo Onieva She is not jinxed (as many point out) but after the scandalous infidelity, the breakup and the blow of the wedding dress, she only had to face a fine that could reach, in the worst case, a million euros. The reason? Tamara Falco The Instagram advertising regulations are passed through Villameona herself.

And it is that the social network has very strict conditions regarding its publications. In the case of advertising or commercials, they must be indicated to the followers through the initials AD, something that Tamara Falcó has not done for months. This is what a digital marketing expert, José Noblejas, warns: “Since July 2022, there is nothing to warn us that certain content is sponsored when we can intuit that, indeed, they are,” he said this Sunday in socialite.

This trick could bring consequences to the marquise not only with Instagram but also with the Treasury: “Tamara would be marking as normal content something that should be marked as paid collaboration. In addition, all these collaborations, gifts and other compensation must be declared to the Public Treasury , as detailed in current legislation”, he explained.

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Tamara is not the only one who omits the AD indication in her trade publications. Other instagramers also do it to benefit from the algorithms and that their publication appears as ‘Advertising’ in the Instagram feed, but the regulations of the social network are blunt in this regard: “It makes it very clear in its use policy that those contents with commercial intent and with remuneration must be marked as such. Failure to comply with this rule entails fines that can range from 3,000 euros to almost one million euros if it is estimated that the offense has been repeated or has a serious offense,” they have pointed out. .