Atlético, pending the new PCR tests

He Atlético de Madrid
is being one of the teams hardest hit by the coronavirus. Diego Simeone He was the last to test positive for the rojiblanco team, a situation that they have experienced before Lodi, Correa, Vrsaljko, Costa and Arias. The last two players tested positive on vacation and have not yet been able to rejoin the group dynamics.

The rojiblanco coach remains asymptomatic, but must be quarantined at his home, where he is isolated. An assistant from the coaching staff tested positive on Thursday at the team's concentration in Los Angeles de San Rafael, forcing the rojiblancos to suspend the 'stage' and return to Madrid, where on Friday the entire expedition underwent new tests.

There were no more positives, but as a precaution, and having lived with him Cholo, Nelson Vivas

, second coach and assistant to the Argentine, did not attend the Ciudad Deportiva over the weekend.

Now, both Vivas and the rest of the coaching staff and staff are awaiting the PCR tests this Monday, day off for the team, to rule out that there are more infections and be able to return to your job. Also the players, who this Tuesday were going to travel to Cádiz to play the Carranza Trophy at night against the Andalusian team.

And we speak in the past tense, because Atlético decided not to travel to avoid displacement and concentration as a precaution. On the other hand, for the moment, the friendly of the 19th against Almería is being maintained, the second and last of the two that the rojiblancos were going to play in this preseason.

Depending on the results of these new tests, Atlético will announce when they return to work this Tuesday.