Ander Herrera can't believe it

If a few days ago he fell to Lens in the league premiere, yesterday not only did he kneel but also his duel against him Olympique de Marseille ended with a thong of scandal. Ander Herrera which was the owner, verified that the Paris saint germain has been overcome by a kind of curse since a few days ago fell before him Bayern Munich at the end of the Champions League.

To the team of the former player of the Athletic the weight of the covid-19 with no less than seven cases, weakening the team, which in the French league adds its two games by defeats.

In yesterday's, in addition, there were no less than five expulsions: three by PSG –Neymar, Di María and Kurzawa-. The end was embarrassing and Neymar commented after the match that he regretted not having attacked the Spanish defender in the face Alvaro Dominguez -he did it in the back-. Everything was the result of a friction between Paredes and Benedetto. “Because he was a racist, that's why I hit him,” he said. Neymar, which had reappeared after his illness.

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It is clear that PSG has chained a streak that was unexpected after having added the titles of the Cup and the League Cup. To top it all Mbappe has announced that he wants to leave the club after 2021. Herrera you sure can't believe what's going on. [/ embed]