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Atlético Miter – Atlanta live

Gabby Barker



Min. 90The match has come to an end. As the teams leave for the changing rooms, we say goodbye, encouraging you to stay connected to our website to live the latest in sports.

Min. 90The referee signals the end of this period.

Min. 84There is a substitution: Fernandez replaces Luis López (Atlanta).

Min. 79Atlético Miter's bench moves with the replacement of Nicolás Sánchez by Torres.

Min. 78The Atlanta bench moves with the replacement of Talpone by Ochoa.

Min. 74There is a substitution: Lopez replaces Guillermo Farré (Atlético Miter).

Min. 72The referee decides to admonish Pedrozo (Atlanta).

Min. 68There is a substitution: Presedo replaces Valdez Chamorro (Atlanta).

Min. 60Atlético Miter's bench moves with the replacement of Adrian Toloza by Verdugo.

Min. 59Valdez Chamorro (Atlanta) is cautioned by the referee.

Min. 47Goool !!!! It is achieved by the player Pedrozo (Atlanta).

Min. 46The match is already at stake.

Min. 45The referee's whistle decrees the end of this period.

Min. 37The referee decides to admonish Tecilla (Atlanta).

Min. 29Yellow card for Guillermo Farré (Atlético Miter).

Min. 01The collegiate signals the beginning of this period.

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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