Simeone opted for an offensive eleven, with Suárez, who had exercised the day before on the sidelines, occupying the attack point next to João Felix and Marcos Llorente returning to the center of the field in defense, with full freedom in attack where he saw the door again. Herrera served as a pivot, but made a serious mistake that was the first goal for Salzburg. João Félix put the magic and the goals, with a double that could have been three if his scissors did not meet the crossbar and Correa was decisive. Fundamental victory and very worked at home.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Oblak: He had lived a placid first half until, after an error in Herrera's departure, Szoboszlai shot him to tie the game. In the second half he had been on the field for a minute when Berisha made the second finishing in the small area. He had to intervene with a great hand after a rebound on a ball that slipped. He adds four consecutive games without being able to leave a clean sheet in the Champions League, where this season the failures behind have penalized him a lot.

Trippier: He remains indisputable on the right back basically because there is no other, but his level is worrying. The rivals always look for their side to generate danger and in the second goal of Salzburg he was not seen to appear to defend his side. In the second half he did generate danger on his side, putting a very good ball for João and another for Koke.

Savic: Prey of the mistakes that the team is committing back in this Champions League. In the second of them he tried to go out on the wing to cover the enormous space left by Trippier, but did not arrive in time to avoid the center. Capital cut to avoid the auction in another play where between Felipe and Lodi had left a free ball to Salzburg.

Felipe: He is not as expeditious as he used to last season. On occasion it becomes excessively complicated and had to thank Savic's cut for not being singled out. Good in the strategy shipments posted to the area by the Austrian team, being again differential with their aerial game.

I gave it: You are having a hard time being decisive. He offers himself in attack, where he does not hesitate to finish if he has a choice, but he is not participating as much as he would like to successfully in the final meters. Many losses. In defense they did not measure him excessively, although they did generate danger when they found his back. He left substituted in the final minutes, since physically he does not seem to be in his best version.

Herrera: He had earned the title with his last appearances, but made mistakes inappropriate to his seniority. The Mexican is having to do a pivot job, working more on the defensive retreat and acting as an anchor. He suffered on several occasions the responsibility of being the last man in that area, with some dangerous loss until he burned in which he ended up assuming the goal of Szoboszlai. He put a great ball to João Félix with his left in a play where the crossbar avoided a work of art. When he has space, he distributes well to the wings, but suffered a lot under the pressure of the Austrians.

Llorente: Back to the center of the field in a double pivot that had not touched a long time. At least in defense, because in attack he had full freedom to get off the hook, where he has uncovered like a dagger in the race, falling to the right wing. Thus he opened the scoring, with a left foot after catching a loose ball in the front of the area. Since Anfield he has become an extraordinary arrival, something that perhaps he himself did not imagine. Pure force, it was a box to box helping in defense in the withdrawal. He had the double with a heads-up where he crossed the ball too much. It benefits you more to finish off without having to think much about the definition. Good work again from a player who had to multiply himself in the final minutes with his very tired teammates.

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João Félix's shot hit the crossbar.

Belt: He sought to be electric against an unskilled defense and caused many gaps with his movements from the right, among them Llorente's goal was generated and he gave the goal to João Félix after a great triangulation. In the first half he had left Llorente himself with a good ball for '14', which he finished off. In the first half he needed to appear with greater continuity, but in the second he could be seen much more and it was decisive. Atlético turned their attack down the left wing.

Koke: He started the match as a left inside, although constantly seeking to enter the middle taking advantage of the fact that Llorente was always deployed in attack. Atlético need you to participate more to enjoy possession and calm the game when it was most crazy. He was seen very far from the rival area. In one of his arrivals he was able to score behind Trippier's center, but ran into the goalkeeper.

João Félix: Match in which he liked and was seen enjoying from the first minute, where he scored two goals and had to score some more. About to do one of the many of the season. He hooked a large shipment from Herrera with a pair of scissors and only the crossbar prevented him from opening the marker. Controls, breaks and technical gestures everywhere, with misfortune in a shot that prevented him from taking the ball home after having dominated it during the match. Still, he made a fundamental double for Atlético in the Champions League. The first with a good triangulation, finding his best partner in Correa and the second receiving a shipment from Lemar in the area and putting it on the post. He fell a lot to the left wing, where he likes to appear outlined towards the middle. Stellar version of the Portuguese, who was always participatory and sought to be the guide of the team in attack.

Luis Suarez: Despite the fact that he did not train with the group yesterday, he was in the game with João Félix up front. And although physically he is not going through his best moment, it is capital for the team to have a '9' of their records. He leads the pressure, plays on his back and does not miss every chance he has in the area to find a goal. He participated in the great play of the second goal started by him and culminated by João Félix after a great assist from Correa. In the second half he was exhausted, but without Costa there is no other point that Cholo has. He left replaced by Lemar despite the team needing a goal which he ended up getting.

Triple change in 81 'prior to the third goal

Beautiful: He entered through Lodi to position himself on the left side, where he is getting used to having minutes. With the third goal he closed with Felipe sometimes forming a line of three.

Lemar: He entered through Suárez to move the left wing. In the first he had, he put the ball into the area and ended in a goal from João Félix. First direct participation in a goal since April 2019. With advantage, he retreated in the band to collaborate with Hermoso.

Torreira: He entered through Herrera and a few minutes later Atlético took the lead, so he had to take out the broom and steal closer.