Assault and robbery of Smalling's house with his family inside

Nightmare night for Chris Smalling. The Roma defender, off due to injury, was at dawn from Thursday 15 to Friday 16 at his home in the heart of the Italian capital when three armed hooded men assaulted his home, as reported La Gazzetta dello Sport. Both the player and his wife Sam and their two-year-old son Leo were inside, sleeping, at the time of the robbery. The thieves forced Smalling to open the safe to steal several Rolexes.

After the theft, the assailants fled and the police are currently investigating the case, with Roma ready to support their player in whatever way possible. The alarm came whenAt 5 in the morning, Sam, the defenseman's wife, called the authorities, who found everyone very upset and anguished, as the aforementioned Italian media collects. The event took place in the villa where they live in the Appia Antica area, in the center of Rome.

Previous cases

It is not the first assault of this type in with the Roman team as the protagonist, since Paulo Fonseca, team coach, suffered a robbery last November, on the eve of Fiorentina-Rome. However, and fortunately, on that occasion there was no one at the coach's home. Yes indeed, had to regret losses of 100,000 euros.

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Just as days before, also the Rome, Correa, a Lazio player, experienced an episode similar to that of Fonseca. While Cristante was mugged while he was in his car with his girlfriend and sister, in an attempt to steal his belongings, and he had to give the thief his watch to get him to leave. The footballers seem clear objectives, mainly when they are in the dispute of some party. And it is not only Rome that is affected, let's remember the recent case of Di María at PSG …