Arsenal is ‘scared’ to learn about Madrid’s interest in Martinelli

The alarms have begun to sound in the Emirates Stadium, and these last months have seen how the Real Madrid It has been made with the young Brazilian promises. First was Vinicius, and then it was Rodrygo, and now Reinier, Therefore, when a possible interest in your ears reaches your ears Martinelli, that with only 18 years already stands out in the Premier, They have sought remedies to avoid their signing. As stated Daily Mail, The London club plans to completely shield the forward.

In the Arsenal they don't want to hear about offers for Martinelli The white team, which lately follows very young talent, has seen the talent it has Gabriel Martinelli, that this summer market arrived at the Arsenal and that already stands out in the Premier League After scoring 10 goals and 3 assists in 21 games. (Ceballos gets tired of Arsenal and asks to leave in search of another assignment)

According to the English media, the Madrid team would already have the player valued at 60 million euros, but the Arsenal He has a plan to avoid a possible goodbye of the player, as they plan to triple his salary, going to charge 35,000 euros a week against the 11,000 currently pocketed.

In addition, Martinelli has publicly confessed his love for Cristiano Ronaldo: “I base my football on him, he is the player model I want to follow,” he said a few months ago. A possible nod to the Real Madrid players, because if you really want to follow in their footsteps, you must go through the Santiago Bernabeu defending the white shirt.