It seemed like a separate topic, but again Pogba has appeared, and not specifically in the plans of his current team, the Manchester United, who has separated him for a few months due to an injury. Raiola, Tired of the English team, he has requested a meeting to clarify the future of the player, as he ensures that his priority is that both club and player are in harmony.

Pogba and the Manchester United they are back in the spotlight, and perhaps this time it is the definitive one, the one that finally drives the player to look for new destinations and thus leave the English team, with which he has not participated for some time. In the summer market it was news for the interest of Zidane in it, but the high cost that was set from the offices of Old trafford They made the white set forget about the operation.

Since then, the player has not been happy again in the English team. Drag an ankle injury that has prevented him from playing and, meanwhile, clubs like Real Madrid and the Juventus are attentive to the movements of United with Pogba. Further, Raiola He has left the gates completely open after his statements. (Pogba is clear about what offer he would accept between Real Madrid and Juventus)

“Everyone knows that the ambition of both parties is not being fulfilled in recent years, let's be honest. So we need to see, in summer, if Pogba is still in Manchester United's plans and if United is still in Paul's plans “, he began to clarify in an interview to Sky Sports He could not leave it more clearly, and then he affirmed that he expects his players “to be happy and I want the club to be happy too. For now, he must regain his health and then my role will be to make both parties happy. If not, there are several ways to solve the problem.”