Arrocet cannot charge for the exclusives because the Treasury would seize it: it owes 100,000 euros

Arrocet Mustache has not done the interview that occupies the cover and inside pages of Ten minutes for money. At least, he won’t get a single euro. He has a tax lien. The exclusive of the former boyfriend of Maria Teresa Campos Until four years ago it had raised blisters. And not only in her daughters, Carmen Borrego y Terelu Camposbut in many of the communicator’s friends who find some of the statements of the one who once occupied the heart of the journalist who died a month ago seem super unfair.

The fact that he was María Teresa’s boyfriend for six years has provoked very strong reactions. “There are some things that are absolutely false. I laugh at what Edmundo says that he paid for all the trips and that he helped her with household expenses. You all know how generous Teresa was. Is it really true that with What was she, was she going to let him pay for anything? Let’s see if he proves it. He didn’t behave well with her in life because he made her suffer a lot with his continuous escapades and he’s not doing it with her dead. It’s incredible,” we said. says a person who closely experienced the day-to-day romance between the comedian and the presenter.

But the truth is that, contrary to what has been suggested in various gatherings, Edmundo Arrocet has not spoken this time about money. The comedian is not going to see a penny of the 15,000 euros that they say he could have agreed with the magazine. The publication has paid, logically, for the journalistic work (text and photos) done by the agency that signed the report, called Cinco y Una Imagens, behind which is the paparazzo Gustavo González. Edmundo has had a debt with the Treasury for months that he has not remedied and almost all the money from all the work he does, a large percentage, goes to the Tax Agency. So why has he done it? For annoying the daughters of his last known girlfriend? To pay off part of the debt?

As published a few months ago, after participating in Secret Story, the producer of the program received a notification from the Treasury in which it asked the company to notify any payment to the comedian. Everything had to be notified and seized until the figure of 102,793 euros was completed. With other exclusives that the comedian did, like the one he published a few weeks after being expelled from the program, the same thing happened. And this time it will not be different. In fact, we already published in this newspaper that on a couple of occasions they wanted to have him in the Deluxe to tell his version of the breakup with Teresa and it was not possible because Arrocet was not willing to undergo such a complicated set so as not to see a penny in his account and for everything to go to the Treasury.

This story with the treasury is even more unusual if we take into account that Bigote always boasts of having money and running million-dollar businesses, although always outside of Spain. In one of his interviews he even said that with what he had and earned “he could support ten families like those of María Teresa Campos.” And he has boasted, once again, of lending money to the communicator at a delicate moment for her. Money (10,000 euros) that Teresa returned as soon as she could.

Arrocet threatens to take evidence. He says that he has invoices and receipts that can prove everything he says but they have never been seen. And this time he goes further. He says that he was never unfaithful to Teresa and that everything Gustavo, the driver, said was because they told him so. “I have audio of him asking me for forgiveness and telling me that he said all that because they asked him to,” he declares in Ten minutes.

Edmundo, through the mouths of those close to him, says that he is preparing it to leak it and prove that he is telling the truth. We will have to see if it is true.