Antonio Tejado gets his way: provisionally released without bail (although without being able to approach his aunt)

The magistrate of the 16th Court of Instruction of Seville, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, agreed this Monday to release him without bail for Antonio Tejado. Also for the other five investigated for the robbery at the house of Maria del Monte And his wife, Immaculate Casalcommitted last summer.

The magistrate agreed to it a week after the Prosecutor’s Office expressed its support for the release of those involved from prison. Of course, they asked for a bond of 100,000 euros for Antonio Tejado to be released, another of 100,000 euros for the Russian Arseny Garibyan and another of 50,000 euros for the rest. Something that has not been granted, since everyone will be released from prison without contributing a single euro.

As anticipated Seville newspaper, the magistrate has imposed a series of precautionary measures on them, such as the withdrawal of their passport and the obligation to appear regularly before the judge on the 7th and 21st of each month. They also filed a restraining order against the victims. María and Inmaculada are joined by the latter’s daughter, her son-in-law and the couple’s housekeeper. Those investigated will not be able to approach or attempt to contact any of them in any way.

At the beginning of April, the singer already opposed her nephew’s request for release. Through her lawyer, the artist sent a letter to the judge in which she alleged that the argument that Tejado gave in court to defend himself against her was “confusing”, not accrediting her “alienness” to the facts. The Sevillian’s great fear was that evidence would be destroyed.