Chayo Mohedano's ex has entered provisional prison this Monday after being arrested for being the alleged mastermind of the robbery suffered by his aunt, Maria del Monte, in his house just five months ago. The environment affirms that the singer is destroyed because her relationship with her nephew was very good: “They were very close.” So much so that Tejado was one of the first to appear at the artist's home on the day in question: “He went to comfort her.”

A surprising fact that tells us about the cold blood of Antonio Tejadowho covered his aunt and his wife, Immaculate Casalafter the events: “This robbery occurred at five in the morning and at nine, only four hours after the robbery, Antonio Tejado goes home to worry about his aunt. He arrived, spent the whole morning calming them down, talking to them, listening to the story of what had just happened…”they have counted in We'll see. “He even gave them a puppy to keep them company.”. They suspect that their intention was not, as they thought at the time, to care for and console their aunts but to find out how far the police had gone in the investigation in the first hours.

The agents in charge of the case suspected him almost from the first moment: “I know that the agents told María del Monte that her nephew's name was the main focus of the suspicions,” said Sandra Aladro. “The thieves did not search any part of the house, they did not open or search any part of the house. The five hooded men went directly to the couple's master bedroom and there they asked for the password to the safe, this was the most clue. important”. And she adds: “The thieves went to a single room for only one thing, which was the jewelry that they both had as their own or that of their families.”

In prison without bail

Antonio Tejado has been imprisoned along with five other people for allegedly belonging to a ciriminal gang dedicated to robbing luxury homes, including that of the singer María del Monte. The Civil Guard points to the 36-year-old as “the intellectual author” of these robberies, perpetrated with violence and intimidation, by providing “information about the victims to the rest of the organization.” The police investigation began last August, when Tejado's aunt suffered a robbery in her house.

Tejado has left the cells in which he has spent the last 72 hours to testify in the Court of Instruction number 16 of Seville. He availed himself of his right not to give statements, both before the Civil Guard authorities and before the judge, a maneuver that the rest of the detainees have also carried out, of which five will enter prison. The other two have been released with charges and without precautionary measures.