Complicated day for family and friends Antonio Tejadowho entered preventive detention without bail this Monday after being arrested for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang that robbed the homes of celebrities, such as Sergio Ramos o Maria del Monte. The singer's nephew is considered the intellectual author of them and her ex has stuck a spear in his favor: “Since his father's death he was not having a good time and now he needs all of us who love him to support him”has said.

Alba Muñoz has spoken in recent days with both Antonio and his mother: “These are not easy times for Antonio, he is not at his best but this is beyond anything I could have imagined,” she said in We'll see. “I'm in shock, I'm still taking it in. I want to think that a bad company or a bad decision has caused this to happen to him.”

The Sevillian and her ex have a daughter in common, who has found out about her father's new situation through social networks: “It was not a dish of good taste,” her mother said. Alba has acknowledged that Antonio has not acted as a father in recent months but has not wanted to be harsh: “This is not the time to throw dirt on him as a father. Antonio has had a difficult time, I want to think that it has really been like that and that is why he does not “It's been everything it needed to be.”

It must be remembered that Tejado himself revealed his alcohol and drug problems in his last interview, in 2019: “I started drinking three or four whiskeys a day, then cocaine… It evaded me from problems, it made me forget everything… I realized that I had a problem after three days of partying without stopping. When I stopped, I didn't remember anything.”

Candela: “I expect everything from him”

Alba was not the only ex-partner of Tejado who spoke this Monday. Candela, with whom he had a stormy three-year relationship, has also spoken out although her terms differ greatly from those of the first: “With how badly he behaved with me, I expect anything,” he said. “But come on, stealing from your family means making you eat separately.”

The model also assures that she has not had a relationship with him for a long time: “I don't know anything about him, nor am I interested. I had a trial against him and he lost it. I can't tell you details, because it was not made public and it is something private, but since then I don't know anything about him, nor do I want to,” he said in The reason.