Antonio David dynamites Olga Moreno’s relationship with Agustín Etienne

It has just been one year, which would be their first anniversary as a couple. But it could be the last since Olga Moreno y Agustín Etienne They have put distance in their relationship. And not just physics. These days he is in Madrid, locked up in her house, and she is in Malaga taking care of her work as a mother and there is talk of a breakup. The reason has a name: Antonio David Flores. The former civil guard is not having a good time personally or professionally. Since he was fired from Mediaset he only does his live shows on YouTube and is also alone after his breakup with Marta I can. Hence, in recent months he has wanted to get closer to his ex, the mother of his daughter. Lola.

The first photos together came out a few weeks ago and days ago we had access to others thanks to the Instagram account The roof. It is there where we have seen these images in which we see the first husband of Rocio Carrasco already the champion of Survivors enjoying a drink on a terrace in Malaga like when they were married. In them, it does not seem that either of them is uncomfortable, as they have insisted on making it seem. Olga has never criticized her ex, at least publicly, but the truth is that she has thrown some taunts at her. Without going any further in her last interview in Week, in which she assured: “I can now say that I am with a man who respects me and gives me my place.” Hence this good vibe is not understood. In fact, there are already those who claim that they are one step away from reconciliation, something that would not be strange considering the break with Agustin.

Apparently, his former representative is extremely angry with this situation to the point of putting an end to his story. And they even shared a home in Madrid, as we already reported on this portal. Olga, for her part, remains silent but she is surprised by these photographs. “The only one they benefit from is Antonio David. Has he called the photographer? He still has a relationship with some,” she tells us.

They tell us that Agustín is so angry that after spending a beautiful weekend with his girl, he stopped following her on Instagram. And she continues to do it but she has cleaned up the photos and has even deleted Etienne’s name from her account.

Agustin is exhausted from trying to fight for a story in which his girl’s ex always appears to blow up the story. He can’t take it anymore although he is still in love. And even more so after having broken up. This is the second time that photos of the two of them together have appeared. “It is normal for separated parents with children in common to have to see each other, but not for a photographer to catch them,” they point out.