Ángel Martín’s response after the controversy over his video on feminism on Thursday: “It was not understood”

Ángel Martín has been at the center of controversy since the publication of his last video on social networks. The comedian shares a video every day in which he quickly summarizes current affairs, as an informative and, often, giving your personal opinion with a touch of humor.

However, his latest video did not sit well with many of his followers, since it dealt with a topic that generates a lot of debate among users: feminism.

The video of the controversy

“We know that not all guys are assholes and not all girls are morons, right? I ask this because sometimes I have the feeling that there is an attempt to generate a kind of World War III that it will end up being men against women and it worries me a little,” he began to speak in his video, where he then clarified that there will come a point in which we will not know how to relate to other people. He also indicated that, just as there are men who They are “bags of shit”, but they also There are women “it is better to keep them far away”.

Given these and other statements from his morning newscast on Thursday, September 21, Ángel Martín has responded to all those users who commented in their post about their disagreementunderstanding that he was comparing the violence or inequality suffered by women with that of men.

“Wow, how dangerous equidistance is… When women have raised their voices to demand our role, it is war,” comments one user, while another indicates: “I don’t feel like there is any war. What happens is that women can no longer endure what we have been enduring until now.” “I don’t agree at all. What happens is that we women now complain about our privileges, we demand our rights and we do not remain silent.” “Every day I wake up and see a new woman murdered due to sexist violence, even with everything that is being done to prevent this from happening in 2023. There have already been 47 women murdered. No, Ángel, it is not a war of men against women. “It’s women fighting not to be murdered,” are other comments.

On the other hand, there were also comments that supported and understood the publication and the comedian’s words: “Enough of people saying that all men are abusers or that all women file false complaints,” “I too am getting out of this senseless war. Thank you, Ángel, for saying what many of us can’t because, if not, we are sexist…” or “I’m getting out of this war too! Thank you, Ángel, for putting words to this horrible reality that we are generating,” are some examples.

Ángel Martín’s explanation

After the publication of this video and all the criticism generated, Ángel Martín has uploaded another video, on the morning of September 22: “It was not understood. I was trying to be conciliatory. I swear on my life, I wasn’t trying to remove iron, I was trying…”.

Finally, has not done the informative and he has simply told his followers that on Monday he will share his news again: “Have a good weekend.”