Ander Guevara: “I come out of the injury strengthened”

Guevara he left behind a four-month clavary on Sunday. The midfielder from Gasteiz, who was injured in May, played his first 89 minutes against Real Madrid, in which he had good feelings. “After being away for so long, the first game is always special, difficult,” he acknowledged. “He had only been with the team for a week but he had done a great physical work beforehand to be well as soon as possible. It was a very demanding match and I personally ended up quite happy ”.

The Gasteiztarra admits that “with the ball, perhaps due to fatigue, I was not so good, I lost more balls than I would have liked. There were phases of the game in which I suffered but to be the first day I am satisfied ”.

May's was the first serious injury in his career. “It was a strong blow to return to training (after confinement) and after a few days to injure myself for so long. But in this life everything happens for a reason. I tried from the first moment to change the chip, to think that I was facing an opportunity to grow. I think I am strengthened. I have an extra motivation to live from day to day and keep improving ”.

The victory between eyebrows

Elche will be the second step of his return. A duel in which the Gasteiztarra hopes that the Real will release the box of triumphs. “The mentality is always to go out and win. There will be days when the level is better, others when we are not fine, but if something the coach instills in us is the idea of ​​going for victory. We have played two good but not perfect games, and we have to iron things out to add three at a time ”.

The pivot values ​​the defensive level shown by the team and hopes to improve in attack. “I understand that the team is starting to take off, starting to take off. I keep that in the second game the team took a step forward in the defensive aspect against a rival with a lot of potential that made us less dangerous than it usually does. We must maintain that rigor behind and let go forward. We need to get it right in those last meters. In the first matches it is normal not to be so fine with the ball ”.

Everything, before an Elche that Guevara branded as “dangerous. Those of us who like to follow soccer and the Second Division have seen them a lot. They want the ball and when they get together they do it very well. They will have changes but they will try to make the same game as until now. They are going to demand a lot from us ”.

Zubimendi and González de Zárate

The '4' spot will be especially expensive this season. Guevara spoke about the irruption of Zubimendi, after confinement, and the debut of Gonzalez
Zarate. “Martin He had a beastly level in what he had to play, he is a great footballer. AND Urko I'm not surprised. It has a lot of quality, physically it is very powerful. They are going to give the club a lot of joy ”.

Guevara had loving words for Diego
Llorente. “I only wish him the best and thank him for his effort and commitment to the club and to us in these three years. He has shown a good level, which has earned him to reach the national team. I wish you good luck”.