Ancelotti: “Valverde has to take advantage of the shot he has”

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, appeared before the media in the press room at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium after drawing 1-1 with Cádiz and the questions were addressed to the possible starters in the Champions League final match.

Do you have doubts about Nacho starting in the Champions League final?: “When you have Nacho you always have doubts. This squad is spectacular and everyone could play”.

On the ownership of Valverde and Rodrygo in the Champions League final: “Maybe yes and maybe no.”

Valverde shoots a lot on goal in recent games, is it his initiative or have you talked to him?: “Of course he has to take advantage of the shot he has and in recent games he has done it much more. It’s a quality he has and he hadn’t used it before, in recent games he has and I think it’s good for him and for us”.

Match against Cadiz: “The best way to respect the rival and the fans was to play our game. And we have done it. We lacked the concentration and motivation that they had, but it was a competitive game”.