Ancelotti: “At team level we have more confidence than last year”


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, spoke this Wednesday about the good form of his players after going through to the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Liverpool, at the same time that he highlighted the “confidence” of the group and the good match of some of its most veteran players like Modric and Kroos.

“At the team level we have more confidence than last year. Winning last year gave us a lot of confidence, it has been seen in this tie. We have done very well in both games. But confidence is not going to allow us to go to the semifinals “You have to win the quarterfinals. As always, the Champions League is very difficult and you have to fight until the end,” said the coach at a press conference.

The Italian highlighted the good of a dressing room that mixes the “humility” of the veterans with the “patience” of the youngest. “The atmosphere is created by the players, added to the intelligence and humility of the veterans. The key has been the humility of the veterans, who have no ego and the patience of the young to wait. Modric and Kroos don’t play for the race they have done but because they deserve it,” he said.

“The team I have has a lot of quality in all aspects, commitment, experience and energy. We are a modern team. Today’s football asks you for all this. Today the match between Modric and Kroos was very good. The team could have had afraid to handle the ball and they have done it very well”, he added.

The coach, who described the clash as a “trap” after the 2-5 draw in the first leg, did not want to choose a rival for the quarterfinals. “The game was good, complete, it could have been a cheat game, but the team was good and very serious. I don’t have a preference, the goal for us is to win and to win we have to win everyone. I’m happy because the Italian football has put three teams in and this is very positive,” he said.

Asked about some of the proper names, the coach highlighted the good performance of Camavinga. “I think his moment is very good. He is going through a moment of a very good level and he is taking advantage of it. He is doing well with Kroos and Modric. It has been a game of a very good level on his part”, he indicated.

Finally, the coach, who confirmed Benzema’s final change was only one hit, acknowledged that he made the changes to stop the game. “I have waited because the team was fine. I have taken advantage of the changes just to stop the game and win it,” he settled.

“For me Vinicius is the best player in the world. He has been decisive because he has given the assist and has always created danger,” concluded the Italian, who also highlighted Nacho’s game to stop Salah.