Terelu Campos clarifies whether she has been the victim of a 50,000 euro scam by an ex-boyfriend

Kiko Hernandez He dropped the bomb this Thursday. Fran Antón’s husband revealed in It’s not like we were Shhh what Terelu Campos She was going through a bad personal moment, since there is supposedly a person in the presenter’s environment who owes Terelu 50,000 euros.

This Saturday, Carmen Borrego’s sister has reappeared in DHeart and she has clarified, somewhat annoyingly, that no one owes her money. “I have not lent money. I haven’t said anyone owes me money. It bothers me a lot to talk about this because it’s uncomfortable. I ask that things be told as they are“, stated the mother of Alejandra Rubio, who a few days ago also starred in a notorious disagreement with Belén Esteban.

Beyond denying the news about his former teammate Save me, Terelu has sent a strong message to Kiko Hernández. “If a classmate tells it to another classmate so that they can tell it, at least give the name of the person, who is your friend… but don’t tell your classmate to tell it, say it yourself“said the presenter.

Finally, Terelu has clarified that the information provided by the program heir to Save me is false and has explained that the person who supposedly owes him money is anonymous and has never spoken about her. “It is a total lie that I have left or been asked for 50,000 euros. She is a person I have never talked about.“, he declared.