Anabel Pantoja’s anger one week before Isa Pi’s wedding: “Stop putting shit between me and my cousin!”

Just a week before the wedding One Pantoja y Asraf Beno In sevilla, Anabel Pantoja She has entered Telecinco angrily to deny information related to her and her cousin. “Last weekend Isa Pantoja’s bachelorette party should have been held, but it was canceled because it was going to be recorded and Anabel did not reach an economic agreement,” said Giovanna González this Thursday in We’ll see.

According to the Telecinco collaborator, Kiko Rivera’s cousin would have asked for “a very high cache” for attending her beloved cousin’s farewell. Anabel herself has heard these statements live and, enraged, she has called by phone to deny them. “I’m freaking out,” she pointed out indignantly.

“I’m going to work and I saw the video and I couldn’t help but call. It’s been a while since I’ve been on television talking about my family and, honestly, I’m already tired of this type of thing,” she explained, before clarifying : “I don’t ask for money to go to anyone’s wedding, or anyone’s farewell. I go because it comes from my heart.”

He then exploded: “To begin with, I don’t have to give explanations to Giovanna or anyone else, because I have responded privately to the right person. Stop putting shit between me and my cousin! My cousin is getting married, at least don’t try to cloud this. I, precisely I, don’t have to negotiate any euros. I don’t even want a euro!”

Unlike Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja, Anabel will attend the wedding of Isa and Asraf Beno, which will take place next Friday the 13th in Seville. Her brother has never been among the guests and doubts hovered over the tune. However, a few days ago, Chabelita herself made it clear that they were not in a relationship today: “I have tried by all means to get closer and be well,” she lamented. Anabel, on the other hand, is in the middle of everyone, like on Wednesdays.