Anabel Pantoja ends her aunt’s concert very excited and in shock

A few days ago Anabel Pantoja confessed through her social networks the illusion she felt for her aunt Isabel’s concert in the Canary Islands. It had only been five years since the last time the artist did not perform on the islands, but the truth is that in that time she has completely changed her life for the influencer: so much so that she now lives there.

Very excited, she explained that it was very exciting for her because five years ago she did not live in the Canary Islands and now she does, showing her enthusiasm knowing that she would live a concert that would touch her soul. And so it has been. Isabel ate the stage and conquered all her Canarian public, but also her niece who, proud, put up some stories of the moment she was living.

Once at home, Anabel did not hesitate to record a video for her followers, assuring that she was still in shock from everything she had experienced that night: “I’m going to fall asleep, I just took a shower, I’m assimilating what happened in the Great Canaria Arena, I’m thinking about what my eyes have seen, what my heart has felt. Five years ago she broke the mold, but today has been brutal. Thank you very much for the messages and the love you give her, how you are so faithful, it is impressive”.

As we say, a very important concert in which Isabel Pantoja was able to meet all her niece’s friends firsthand. She herself shared through her social networks how the “gang” that she has created in the Canary Islands turned to the artist after the show.

Finally, Anabel also wanted to shut up and posted a photograph showing her aunt’s hairdresser, Antonio Abad, and her make-up artist, Alberto Dugarte, with whom she had allegedly broken off her relationship, after her tour in the United States. Settling the rumors in this way, there is no doubt that last night she will remain forever in the memory of many canaries, including the influencer.