Ana Rosa Quintana slams Moncloa after the signing of David Broncano for RTVE: “They have done a job to him, they are using him”

The signing of David Broncano by RTVE to compete against Pablo Motosas advanced Informalia premiered on February 28, it has generated a media stir. The vote of the new interim president of the public corporation, Cascajosa Conceptioncarried out the signing of the comedian on the fourth attempt and after an unprecedented internal war that claimed two heads on the state network: that of the president, Elena Sanchezand that of the Content Director, Jose Pablo Lopez. The operation promoted by the Presidency of the Government to deactivate the Antena 3 presenter has brought with it numerous reactions. The last one of Ana Rosa Quintanawhich once again has stoked Moncloa.

It was in a meeting with the students of the Camilo José Cela University this Thursday, April 11, where the Mediaset communicator broke her silence on the matter. And Ana Rosa believes that the comedian’s signing comes with a political motivation: “He has every right in the world to go to TVE to make his program and compete like the rest, but when politicians put their dirty hands on something, they ruin everything”.

Quintana, very critical of the management of Pedro Sánchez and the public corporation, has placed David Broncano as the collateral victim of this operation: “TVE is acting in a way that I think is not good for Broncano nor do I think it is what he wanted. They have done a great job to him […] and Broncano is not to blame for everything that is happening.”.

The Telecinco afternoon presenter has also pointed out what she would do if she were in the comedian’s “skin”: “I wish they didn’t approve the program”. Quintana has not been shy about pointing out that the communicator “has been absolutely used politically”, although he believes that there is a detail that could have motivated the showman to embark on this new journey: “He doesn’t like programs with advertising because it is complicated. TVE doesn’t have advertising.” However, he has settled his strong opinion with this direct attack on the Presidency of the Government: “Hiring a communicator in Moncloa does not seem the most appropriate to me”.