Ana Rosa Quintana does not speak with Sonsoles Ónega, who is restless with her new rival

Sonsoles Onega He surprised many less than a year ago by announcing that he was leaving the Mediaset ship to sign for the competition. In Unicorn Content there were those who took the departure of one of the great promises of the producer and the chain as a betrayal. Disciple and friend of Ana Rosa Quintana, the daughter of Fernando Onega she had left her work as a parliamentary chronicler in the Newspapers long ago to make the leap and present other types of programs such as it’s already noon o it’s already eight.

Her close and likeable image, along with the rigor she exudes from her career, made her a safe bet for whitewashing some current content and social chronicles, giving them a more elegant façade, the opposite of permanent anger and tensions in the style of Save me.

Atresmedia read the script well and timely launched its nets to catch Sonsoles, a master move, with a double effect: strengthening its cast of presenters and depriving Telecinco of a natural substitute with great projection. This situation is seen much more clearly now, once the pitch change of the chain has been defined, in order to Save me and with Ana Rosa forced to step forward to occupy the afternoons. Furthermore, for Paul Vasily and those responsible for content were a stick and the former CEO and his team were blamed for this leak that they did not see coming or did not know how to stop.

The Planet chain not only took Sonsoles. With the young journalist (she is 22 years younger than Ana Rosa’s 67) some heavyweights from Unicorn who supported the programs that Ónega did on Telecinco left behind the cameras.

Sonsoles Ónega’s personal relationship with Ana Rosa it deteriorated. They tell us that it is the teacher who does not want to know anything about her student. But the point is that now fate unites them in different chains but in the same time slot.

At Ana Rosa’s production company they have just started working on the program that will replace Save me just around the summer and little is still known, except that it will be a current program and we assume that it will have a high level of collaborators and powerful content. But the exact broadcast schedule has not even been defined.

One of the options that is being strongly considered in Fuencarral, according to the sources consulted, is to introduce a daily series after the news by Isabel Jiménez and David Cantero, which would allow Ana Rosa to start around five in the afternoon, and hold one or both contests of the acces prime time that give way to Piqueras, with a disastrous audience since Antena 3 took over Pass word.

And if they don’t compete?

If Ana Rosa starts at five and ends at 7 in the afternoon, it may not coincide with Sonsoles, as it does now with Save me. But if they do without one of the contests, the clash between the two former friends is served. It is also not ruled out that Atresmedia moves token and extends Sonsoles’ hours, which would start at six or half past six instead of seven, looking for a direct duel.

Sonsoles has not fared badly so far; In its first season it has set very acceptable data in the slot it occupies, although for many months they did not put cuts for advertising and the competition was not fierce. Not as much as Ana Rosa Quintana could be, although many predict that Telecinco’s afternoons are left-wing and Ana Rosa has leaned towards the jusism, and that this can suppose a handicap for which the queen of the mornings is it of the afternoons.

Sonsoles was relatively calm, and even with a new personal illusion in her life, according to gossip. But they say that Ónega’s face has changed for several days. It comes to us that both she and her team have received with concern the change in the afternoons on Telecinco that Ana Rosa lands in her time band. The arrival of the queen of mornings It is not the best news for what was his pupil, who lived under his wing the first honeys of success in programs like it’s already noon o it’s already eight.

It was Ana Rosa who believed in her and who gave her the opportunity to present a program after years kicking the halls of Congress. They know a lot about each other and they coincide in their good work and in their determination to carry out their projects with tenacity and effort.

But Sonsoles knows that her ex-boss is one of the heavyweights on television and that Unicorn’s equipment and efficiency are very powerful. A priori, everything seems to indicate that only her presence in a new program promises a radical change to what had it can hurt you.

Internal sources of Antena 3 say that there is concern about the movement of the file in Fuencarral: “Nobody liked the change of program and the arrival of Ana Rosa. Against Save me they had tools to fight: bet on education, respect and avoid shouting and rudeness; but that will no longer be the same in front of Ana Rosa. There is some nervousness. They are aware that they have to push now to secure an audience because they know that when Ana Rosa arrives everything can change”.

Although Sonsoles did not agree with Save me, She knew from the beginning that hers and that of La Fábrica de la Tele were completely different products and she arrived at a time when the audience was asking for a change, another television product different from the one that even the polarization of the audiences due to the rociito docudrama and other notorious errors had been unrivaled for more than a decade. But with the arrival of Ana Rosa everything changes. The veteran journalist is going to present a program with the same profile as that of Sounds.

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From Unicorn they have already indicated that it will be a program that will combine news and heart. And if we pay attention to the orders of the new leadership of the chain, it will be white, educated and with taste, nothing to do with what was previously and similar to what is on Antena 3. In fact, they do not want any of the collaborators who until now have been part of Save me, not Lydia Lozano, not Maria Patino, not Gema Lopez not even Bethlehem Stephen.

Ana Rosa does not yet know what she is going to do or who she is going to count on, but everything points to a new line of collaborators who are information professionals, who are not so well known precisely for being on all the television talk shows but who are characterized by their rigor and for exclusive information. Something similar to the Sonsoles team, which pulled professional signatures from newspapers and gossip magazines to form her gatherings and no one can say that it has gone wrong. In fact, the audience supports her.

Apart from all this, the curiosity is served: teacher against pupil. And all after that departure from Sonsoles de Telecinco to go to Antena 3 that many of his former colleagues, Ana Rosa included, saw as a betrayal. The veteran journalist has an extra motivation because this project goes well and she is going to do the rest. But the challenge is risky. Since the announcement of the cancellation of Save me, Jorge Javier’s program marks audience data above the channel’s average, with the Orange edition above 13%. And this Friday the Deluxe exceeded 14%, a very good figure compared to Your face is familiar to me. Telecinco knows that the ousted leave the bar very high.