Ana Rosa Quintana comes to the rescue in the face of the Telecinco audience disaster and advances her return

He said that he would return at the end of September because it has been a tough season and longer than expected because of the early elections. Added to the wear and tear of such an intense year professionally is due to his cancer. In addition, in the summer, despite the disconnection, she has faced the creation of her new afternoon program. The season that begins is going to be tough and very competitive. Ana Rosa Quintana said that she needed to rest and that she would return to the screens with TardeAR on Monday, September 25.

This was the initial idea, but it has changed. As Informalia has been able to learn, the alarming situation of Telecinco, with audiences marking historical lows, have made the directors of Mediaset beg Ana Rosa to bring forward her return.

It is more than likely that he will obey and advance his return by a week, which will be on Monday, September 18. It will be predictably that day when it premieres in the afternoons of Telecinco.

It has also influenced that Jordi González lands on Spanish Television on September 4, the same as Sonsoles Ónega on Antena 3. Both start their season on the first Monday of the month. That gives three weeks of advantage to its direct competition and worries the Fuencarral chain.

They consider that in two weeks they could settle a certain amount of faithful who later do not want to change to Telecinco. That’s life, the evening’s Sandra Barneda that replaced Sálvame, barely exceeds 8 percent, and that does not have strong competition: neither Sonsoles nor Jordi. In addition, there is another reason for Ana Rosa ahead of his departure: Big Brother VIP will kick off on Thursday, September 14.

The dismal audience figures for the Berlusconi family channel over the summer have made the new directors even more nervous than they were, who trust the reality and in Ana Rose in order to collect the data. “Big Brother It has always worked and from above they know that it is a priority to support it from minute one”, a person who works at Telecinco tells us.

The new edition of the historic program, now presented by Martha Flich, It is the great hope of the chain. It is their bet to begin to recover part of the audience that has abandoned them. And for this they want all the programs of the new grid to be already underway to support and push GH. For this reason, and for what we indicated before not giving away three weeks to the competition, they have asked Ana Rosa to advance her return to September 18 by a week.

The Unicorn team, producer of Ana Rosa herself, has worked against the clock these months to offer a new and rigorous product. They say that with a budget that doubles that of all the Sálvames together. Its greatest assets are its collaborators, something that has not been easy considering that Antena 3 has also reinforced them and has even stolen some of its most powerful; This is the case of Cruz Morcillo, an expert in events, or Beatriz Cortázar and Paloma García Pelayo, from society. The name of their great swords is guarded with suspicion and it has only transpired that Beatriz Archinona will be by your side in the same way that your inseparable will Miguel Angel Nicholas. The others, in principle, will stay with Joaquín Prat in the morning, but there are still many names in the air.

It will be then on the 18th when Ana Rosa, at 67 years old, raises the blind of her new evening magazine, an assignment that she did not expect and that has substantially changed her professional and personal life. She will no longer have to get up early but, of course, she has a lot at stake since during the 18 seasons that she has been in charge of Anna’s program He has always been an audience leader. Now, after the sudden cancellation of Sálvame and with Jordi González and Sonsoles Ónega in front of him, it will be more difficult for him to continue maintaining his leadership. And all at the end of his award-winning professional career. A challenge.