Ana Obregón's reflection before Ana Sandra's baptism (without Lequio present): “Aless, Anita and I”

Ana Obregon This Friday, December 15, she has a long-awaited and important day ahead of her: the baptism of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. As this portal announced, the actress set this Friday to baptize the little girl in the church of Nuestra Señora de La Moraleja, the same one where the funeral by Aless Lequio on June 30, 2020. Like the birth, the baptism could also be sweetened with a juicy exclusive. Furthermore, it will be marked by the absence of Alessandro Lequio.

The actress left a reflection on Instagram this Thursday, where she receives praise and criticism in equal measure for her way of facing grief and also for exposing the girl constantly: “Another Christmas is coming without you. Another 13 without you. And Yeah. I will continue to publish your photos and your memory always because this Instagram is your tribute“.

The biologist added: “I am nothing other than 'Aless's mom' and I want to be remembered for that alone. Because bringing you into the world has been the most important thing I have done in my life. AND fulfilling all your wishes fill me with peace“.

He also celebrated the success of The Shrew Boy, the book that Aless began writing and that she finished writing: “You will know that our book is the best-selling non-fiction book of the year and now it crosses the borders and is sold in Mexico. I wish you were here to enjoy its success and everything we are raising for your foundation. The protagonist of Ana and the 7 he sentenced: “Eternally together. You, Anita and me. Bless you”.

Celiga Vega-Penichet García-Obregón, Aless's closest cousin who was like a sister to him, will be the girl's baptismal godmother and also the person who will take care of the child when Obregón dies, as the actress herself has written in her will. Her godfather was going to be Aless's best friend, Justinbut he lives in the United States and in the end assistance has become difficult for him. Alessandro Lequio, as we said, will not be present either. The Italian count has never confirmed that his son's last wish was to have children after death and the tension with Ana has been more than evident in recent months. “A 7-month-old baby has no capacity to want to meet someone,” she reminded him in October when the actress once again insisted that Ana Sandra was looking forward to meeting her grandfather.

A few days ago, the presenter, who this year was left without TVE's Campanadas after the controversy over the surrogacy and the commotion generated, gave other somewhat significant statements to Carlos Herrera just a few days ago: “The first thing Aless said was dad, unfortunately. Then he called me beautiful mom. The third thing she told me was 'on my own'. At 25 years old and already diagnosed with cancer, she created a company. It had 20 people. She became a leader. She felt like taking on the world.”