Ana Obregón was helped by a very famous woman to get hold of Aless’s biological samples

Ana Obregon He faced criticism when it was learned that he had brought a surrogate girl into the world and his detractors increased when, on the second cover of Hola, She granted the exclusive where she gave details such as that the baby is actually her granddaughter, since according to her she was conceived from the sperm of her son who died in 2020.

But there have also been a few of the guests and famous people who applauded the actress after her decision, emphasizing the courage of a mother torn by the death of such a young son, and assuming the presenter’s testimony as true, according to which what he is doing is carrying out the wishes of Aless of being a father after death, an extreme that up to now is only supported based on the statements of the woman herself. Ana Obregon.

Undoubtedly, for a famous person it is cheaper to support the actress than to censure her unusual decision, because being a mother-grandmother at 68, with the semen of a son who died three years ago, by surrogacy, is at least unusual. But in the case that we refer to, the support is of conscience and not of posturing.

Most of the celebrities pro-Obregón base their praise on aspects that no one disputes, such as the fact that, once Ana Lequio Obregón she is in the world, she is the most precious asset, and she deserves as much happiness as can be provided. Or equivocal comparisons alluding to men the age of the actress, or much older, having been fathers, or that many people have used this gestation method abroad. These arguments ignored nuances as relevant as that all the old man That they gave themselves as examples had younger partners, or that we were not facing the panorama of using the sperm of their deceased son, or that they have not given their decision such a colossal media dimension, or that they have not come exclusive with it.

A well-known woman with good contacts in Barcelona

But there has been a well-known woman, among those who has supported Ana Obregón without fissures, who had a lot to do with it, at least at the beginning of this odyssey organized by the actress and which has culminated in a baby named Ana Lequio and her last name is Obregón.

We are referring to a person who avoided by all means to enter fully into the national debate about the actress’s biological granddaughter and adoptive daughter but whose relevance, which remains secret, is essential once we tell what happened.

When Ana Obregón wanted to get her son’s samples, essential to carry out the pregnancy as she wanted, she had no choice but to go to the place where they were deposited. Contrary to what she has been saying, Aless Lequio’s sperm did not come from New York, but was deposited in a clinic in Barcelona, whose name we know but cannot provide (at least for now) by express indication of our sources. Yes, we are allowed, however, to place it in Barcelona.

But the difference between the US and Spain is clear and the legal difficulties, as everyone knows, are not the same. For this reason, Ana Obregón asked for help from that well-known person with magnificent contacts at the clinic in question. Ana went to her and that woman held out her hand, moving her chips so that Ana could bypass the possible impediments that in Spanish territory have to get hold of this biological material, subjected in our country to controls, surveillance and many problems, especially if whoever requires the semillas is not an accredited partner of the donor, if the donor does not live, and if he does not provide a document certifying that he has each and every one of the necessary permits, let alone if the applicant states that his purpose was what we all know now.

We know that Aless Lequio He decided to extract semen samples when he was battling cancer in order to be a father in the future, but it has not been proven that he wanted to be one after he died. The actress of Ana and the Seven affirms that she has carried out this process to “fulfill the last will” of her son Aless Lequio, who finally died at the age of 27 after fighting for a long time against the illness. ”I swore to you that I would save you from cancer and I failed you. I promised you that I would bring your daughter into the world and here she is in my arms. When I hug her I feel an indescribable emotion, because it’s as if she were hugging you again,” Obregón wrote on Instagram.

The person who helped Ana Obregón obtain these samples by managing her contacts in Barcelona cannot and does not want to admit it, but she feels very happy because thanks to her, she has finally been able to achieve her objectives. He considers Ana a charming person and he understood her, and he pitied her like all of Spain, when her son left this world, and he belongs to that group that believes that Obregón has exercised her freedom and that no one can interfere in that .