Alessandro Lequio responds to the controversy: Has Ana Obregón asked for Aless’s baptism suit?

following that Ana Obregon has become mother-grandmother of the little girl Ana Lequio Obregónconceived by a surrogate with the semen of her deceased son, there have been many artists who have opened up about the case. Alessandro Lequio He has hinted at what he thinks of the matter with some of his commented statements, although he has tried to be cautious, arguing that his son did not like media exposure.

Be that as it may, Marisa Martín Blázquez commented on Mediaset that the 68-year-old presenter wanted to baptize her daughter – granddaughter with the Christian dress she wore Aless and that actually belongs to the Lequio. It is the same skirt that the King Juan Carlos, Philip VI and the infantas Elena y Cristina. He was also carried by little Ginevra Ena, the daughter of Lequio and Maria Palaciosin his corresponding baptism in August 2016.

However, Lequio has insinuated this Monday in Ana Rosa’s program that Ana has not asked for the suit: “I do not consider the public exhibition in this very particular context necessary (…) Ana, as far as I know, has not said anything about it or ruled on it.” Little Ana’s baptism could be held next June. At the moment, the grandmother and granddaughter remain in Miami, waiting for all the pertinent matters to be settled and the girl, who was born on March 20, can be registered in Spain without any problem.

The silence of Lechio

Contrary to Ana, who has presented her granddaughter in Hola, on social networks and has given numerous details about the birth of the creature, the count prefers to remain silent and not say what he really thinks of this whole matter. However, in recent days he has been forced to give a series of statements on his program, which have been interpreted in various ways.

So that this does not continue to happen, the commentator explained: “Out of respect for my principle of silence, I need not to speak anymore. Although in recent days I have made some specific comments due to the pressure I have felt, my desire is not to do so. Everything say I want to do it in the privacy of my family, which is important to me”.

On the other hand, he has not clarified whether or not he will attend the appearance that Ana would be preparing, for May, to discuss the details of the book that he has written as a result of some 20 pages that Aless left written about his illness. In The boy with the shrewsthe protagonist of Ana and the 7 It also tells of the process she has followed to become a mother by surrogacy in the United States, an illegal method in our country.

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Of course, Lequio has recalled that he obtained the majority donation that the Aless Lequio Foundation has received so far. “There I have done a great job, four million euros.”