Ana Obregón recovers the summer pose and sells (once again) the image of her daughter on a cover

Ana Obregon has let the hurricane of the wedding of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva, that has already lost strength, and, a month after the marriage between the daughter of Isabella Preysler and the Marquis of Griñón, sells his great exclusive. As we anticipated on July 7, knowing the presenter’s great talent for marketing, Ana repeats her play and makes cash by showing her baby and talking about the little girl Ana Sandra from the front page of the magazine Hola and with a check in between.

Ana has always known manage the media profitability of his comings and goings and emotions, and, as we already mentioned, he has sold his summer inn, with his daughter or granddaughter.

When everything that has been and will be about the Marquise de Griñón and her consort Íñigo Onieva has already been published, Ana Obregón reappears as a tender grandmother, with her best bathing clothes and her best smile. She has done it with the help of her representative Susana Uribarrialready released from the negotiations of the exclusive millionaire of the daughter of Carlos Falcó, and architect of this exclusive that supposes the reappearance of the happiest grandmother in Spain, no matter how much the supposed grandfather of Ana Sandra does not want to know anything about her nor of the little one who, by the way, is more beautiful every day.

Four months have passed since the news of Ana Obregón’s motherhood (grandmother) shook Spain for weeks, including debates in parliament and entire programs. The biologist had fulfilled what, according to her, and only she, was the last wish of her son, Aless: bring a new life to this world with the semen of his son who died three years before.

Then came the best-selling book by The boy with the shrews, and the mother’s statements mixing truths, lies and even esotericism, such as when she said that her deceased son called her on her cell phone, at a press conference and completely seriously. “This is a doubly desired girl, because they have desired her from above, from heaven, and from earth,” she says in exchange for her check and posing next to the creature in the garden of her house in Mallorca with little Ana Sandra , who turned four months old on July 20.

Ana Obregón had become an adoptive mother and, according to her, the biological grandmother of this baby, oblivious to any criticism, both from the media and from her family, starting with the supposed grandfather of the girl and father of Aless. But Ana slips: “I don’t care at all what anyone says. It tickles me,” she admits to the weekly.

Ana maintains that the girl resembles her biological father: “She is nailed, nailed, nailed to him. But not only physically, but in a way of being. She has the same happy, grateful laugh, she behaves incredible and is gluttonous, as she was Aless”, he explains in the exclusive. “She has the same mouth and the same nose. I don’t know the eyes yet. At the moment they are green, like my mother’s, but I don’t know if they will stay that color or change,” she adds.

Ana Obregón does not get off her initial statements, despite the contradictions and the attitudes of both Alessandro Lequio and Carolina Monk, who never corroborated the words of the presenter. She maintains that Aless left his wish to be a father in writing after his death: “It was Aless’s last will and he left it written and signed in a holographic will. He wrote it, even though he could barely write, because he was two weeks before. He wrote it in front of his father and me,” repeats Obregón. Lequio has never corroborated this version.

“In case I’m not there, I want you to use the samples that are in New York to have a daughter in this world,” according to Ana Obregón, her daughter’s words are written in a document that no one has seen and that the father of the deceased do not confirm either.

Ana counts in Hola who has written in his will who is going to take care of his daughter-granddaughter when I’m gone. “She is going to be Celia, my niece. In addition, she is going to be the godmother of her Baptism,” she reveals.

Regarding the legal situation of Ana Sandra, Obregón repeats that “she has her American passport, where it is stated that I am the adoptive mother, but genetically I am her grandmother,” he says. “Soon, I will also register it without any problem. But what problem is there going to be? It’s funny because I really don’t understand very well why some politicians put themselves so in front of this. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I don’t I understand judging. Judging, God and judges judge and no one else. Who are you to deny anyone the right to be a father? Who do you think you are? I respect the laws in Spain, where surrogacy is not legal , but in other countries it is. In addition, no one puts a gun to her head when a woman decides to do surrogacy, they do it out of love and freedom. Every human being can do with their body what they want and Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful thing. The miracle of bringing a new life into the world is a blessing. Let people think, okay, I respect it. But please, don’t judge,” he blurts out convinced of what he says.

Another baby?

“I’m going to think that my girl has a little brother or a little sister,” she says again. Let’s remember that at first there was talk that she was going to repeat the pregnancy, then she ruled it out and now she is back: “What happens is that she has eleven uncles and now they are all getting married and they are going to have babies. It will be a girl with 20 cousins ​​her age”, he qualifies.

Regarding his age, he returns to that position of other examples, although he avoids three differentiating facts in the comparisons: they are not cases of surrogacy, it is not semen from a son who died three years ago and the couples in the examples are young: ” Robert de Niro became a father at 79 and Al Pacino at 83. And people say: ‘No, but his wife is 30’. And I say: ‘Yeah, and my son was 25’. What nonsense You’re telling me! Who is guaranteed life? And our Bertín, at 70, who is going to be father and grandfather at the same time. Well, it seems great to me, who am I to judge anything? Who am I to judge the blessing What is a new life? But where is the heart of the people? It’s just that I freak out, it really is that I freak out. What a huge machismo,” he defends himself.

It is also justified by the criticism received for showing the minor charging: “I like to show off my girl, like any mother or grandmother. And I will always guide myself in this sense, with care, responsibility and love for her. I am very proud of her and very proud of her dad,” says the actress.

She says that she wants to do the baptism in September and in Madrid and that perhaps more children will come: “I said that I was not closed to that possibility. But a baby is a 24-hour dedication, without rest, and at this moment I do not I know. But I’m going to think about it, that my girl has a little brother or a little sister.

He also anticipates that the baptismal godfather will be a friend of Aless’s and talks about Lequio’s refusal to visit his supposed granddaughter: “Let Alessandro make the decision not to see Anita, because he doesn’t see her, I don’t care, his reasons will have , I do not enter there. But I know that when I see her she will melt, because she is identical to Aless, “he insists. Regarding her true relationship with the Italian, she no longer maintains that she is perfect and admits figures. “For our son we will always be together.

media tour

Ana Obregón will continue with her exclusive tour after the summer, as she herself recounts: “Susana, my friend and manager, is going crazy because everyone is coming to call for a thousand projects. But I tell her that in September we will see everything Calmly. I’m with Anita now. For now, a program with Joaquín will come out in September, The noob.