Ana Obregón, perplexed after the last thing that they have said about her and her daughter-granddaughter: “What imagination do you have…”

From Miami and while taking care of her daughter-granddaughter, Ana Garcia Obregon He is very aware of what is said about them in our country. In this sense, the 68-year-old actress has reacted to information published in the last few hours. “My goodness, what imagination do you have, that news is completely false.”

The presenter of What do we bet? assures that he has not hired a bodyguard in Miami, where he lives with the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón until the formalities related to the girl are settled and the long-awaited moment arrives to return to Madrid, where their closest relatives and friends await them to give them a warm welcome.

In photos posted by Week this Wednesday, Obregón appears with Dolphin Fernandeza person to whom Ana already turned in the 2000s when she found out that her name was on the list of possible targets for the terrorist group ETA.

Ana and social networks

Aless Lequio’s mother also takes advantage of her social media window to celebrate the sales success of her book, The boy with the shrews, published on April 19. Her son began to write it and she finished it. The profits from the copyright go to the Aless Lequio Foundation, which raises money for cancer research.

On Instagram, since the girl was born on March 20, she has also been very aware of the repercussion that her surrogate pregnancy has reached. “Ana Jr. talks about you in the newspapers around the world. I will always protect you,” she wrote.

His decision opened several debates in the main television gatherings: the morality of surrogates, illegal in our country, one; the age of the main character Ana and the 7 to become a mother or legal guardian of a baby, another. According to Obregón, he resorted to surrogacy and the frozen semen of his son who died three years ago to fulfill the last will of the young entrepreneur, who died on May 13, 2020 at the age of 27 from Ewing’s sarcoma.