Ana Obregón does not play fair with the polygraph: she knew the sex of the baby and lied to protect her exclusive

They say that in the mouth of a liar, the truth becomes doubtful. Aesop He already told it almost thirty centuries ago with the fable of that joking shepherd boy who was ignored when the wolf really appeared to eat his sheep. The parents of Ana Obregon they called their daughter from a very young age Antoñita the Fantastic because, as she has admitted, she made things up.

As an adult we heard her some incredible stories like the something con Albert of Monaco after dining with the prince and a few other guests at his Grimaldi palace in Monte Carlo. She would say “we’re just friends”, and she would smile. But that was enough for some to wonder if we were facing a new Grace Kelly and there were covers with the matter that catapulted the biologist back in 1987.

Ana Obregón also tells that she knows the keys to the crime of the Marquises of Urquijo, of the one who claims to know who the real murderer was, who is not the condemned man, his friend Rafi EscobedoMore. This is how she remembers him now The country.

“I found out I was a girl in December”

Some of these examples (there are many) of the actress’s fantasy are from many years ago, but you don’t have to go back too far in time to verify that Ana Obregón, at 68 (if she is telling the truth in this), maintains the habit of sometimes distorting reality. In the archifamosa interview of Hola say what She didn’t know the sex of her baby. when each and every one of the people consulted, including parents who have had children by surrogacy, know that they tell you if what is coming is a boy or a girl from the moment the fertilized embryo is implanted (or before) in the surrogacy. “In August they gave me the news that the pregnancy had occurred and I found out that it was a girl in December,” she maintains, however, in Hola.

“Ana Obregón did not play fair”

the journalist Luz Sanchez Mellado she had spoken with the biologist weeks before becoming a mother-grandmother, when the actress already knew that she was about to bring into the world Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. In the interview granted to ICONsupplement of The country, the biologist utters sentences like this: “I’m already dead. I’m not afraid of anything, the worst that could happen to me has already happened to me.” There were barely days left for little Ana Lequio to be born, as she knew. This is confirmed by the interviewer: “Barely a month ago, on March 3, Ana García Obregón told me in an interview that she was dead in life and I believed her blindly,” said the columnist The country after hearing the news of Obregón’s maternity.

“I have lived again. I have a reason to live”, She says in the exclusive, the opposite of what she told the columnist, stunned because, obviously, Ana already knew what was coming when she spoke to her and she maintained the imposture without flinching. “If someone did not play fair in this story, it was Ana Obregón”, now says Luz Sánchez Mellado. If the actress had told the truth, neither of the two exclusives of Hola They would have had the same value, obviously.

Olograph Testament

Ana Obregón also speaks in Hola, the weekly that has paid him for the exclusive, of the olograph testament on which he supports his son’s desire to be a father even years after his death. Having children even after passing away was, according to Ana Obregón, the last will of Aless Lequio: “This is how he verbally communicated it to his father and me a week before he died. This is called olograph testament and occurs when a person, before two witnesses, expresses his last wishes, even though, whatever the circumstances, the notary cannot be present at that moment”, says the actress, who is once again wrong when describing this type of will , as confirmed by all the legal experts consulted.

Word of Ana Obregón?

With these precedents, and dozens of them that we have not reviewed, it is curious that some television program members take Ana Obregón’s statements as if they were absolute and indisputable truths. It is one thing to take note of what she says (what we journalists do) and another to take it for granted.

For example, when you say that “everything is done correctly and legally”. It would be nice if he said something else. Of course, not everything Ana Obregón says are lies. The problem is that We don’t know when the black pudding strains, except if the lie is flagrant, such as when he affirms that he did not know the sex of the baby born through a surrogate, when he deceives the interviewer of El País, or when he describes the holographic will. “The girl’s father is a Lequio, her father is called Aless Lequio,” she maintains, she declared this Saturday, apparently, to a collaborator of the program Fiesta. We believe in this, although legally it will not be so. In the US, she is the legal mother of the girl. Therefore, the identity of the sperm donor lacks legal validity. And so it will be transferred to the Civil Registry in Spain, where you can only register the girl based on the North American sentence, once approved. The girl will have the last name of her legal mother because, formally, for registration purposes, she does not have a father. Then she will call her daughter whatever she wants at home. But that is what Ana Obregón has planned. However, not everyone is so clear. Maria Dolores Lopez-Muelas, Member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers, warns that the Civil Registry can challenge the registration of a girl who belongs to the son of Ana Obregón, since it is considered to be contrary to the Spanish legal order. The Prosecutor’s Office could oppose it because of the precedent it may set. The assisted reproduction law says that postmortem fertilization must be requested by the deceased’s partner and could not be carried out 12 months after the death of the father.

Obregón maintains that Aless Lequio conveyed to him his wish that he become a father after his death with the samples that he left in life. Other versions suggest that the deceased kept his sperm to have offspring in life if she survived and decided to start a family with a partner, since cancer treatments could leave her sterile, something very common in cases like yours. Ana’s version may be true, although it is unusual when not implausible. But even a stopped clock tells the truth twice a day.