Clemente Lequio studies taking legal action against those who claimed that he was “happy” with Ana Obregón’s maternity

On April 1, the journalist ivan garcia assured in it’s already noon who had spoken with Clement Lequio about the birth of his niece, Ana Sandra. applauds the decision of Ana Obregon. She applauds, supports and encourages her even if Ana decides to have more children than Aless Lequio. He assures that he has not contacted her yet but that he is thinking very seriously about sending her a message because he would like to meet the girl,” Garcia said.

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The surprising news, that we collected all the mediahas been denied in The vanguard by the son of the son of Alessandro Lequio y Antonia Dell’Atte: “I have never spoken with Mr. Iván García, a collaborator of Ya es mediodía and I have never ruled on the subject, neither against nor in favor. I do not know Mr. García, much less the program, which were never put in Contact with me”.

The young man, who is based in Florida and lives outside the media focus, announces legal measures against those who have assured that he had given his opinion on the matter. “What I think about it is part of my private life and I want it to be respected and I will take legal action towards those who will not and will continue to spread false news. Thank you,” he declared.

His mother, who has been in an open war with Ana Obregón for years, also sent a message to the aforementioned outlet to clarify the situation in which her son has been involved. “Anyone who calls him to ask him anything, he blocks him. It’s that simple. He has neither spoken nor will he speak, he does not want to enter circuses of any kind. But he hasn’t even posted a photo on Instagram for two months!”, Dell’Atte commented.

Clemente and Aless appeared as two united brothers despite the tensions between their parents. “I love you Aless, an immense pain that in a very small part is relieved by the thought that you are no longer suffering. Someday we will see each other again and we will be able to enjoy all the wasted and wasted time. There is no one like you. I love you Your brother”, were the words with which Clemente said goodbye to Aless after his death in 2020.