Ana Obregón could stay in Miami for two more months: change of plans due to media pressure

The close circle of the actress assures that although she is focused on the care and well-being of her baby, Ana Obregon She is no stranger to the controversy that her decision has sparked in Spain. So much so that she has even reached the Congress of Deputies and they have expressed opinions from Irene Montero to Feijóo and Begoña Villacís. For this reason, the former Lechia You could be considering changing your plans and extending your stay in Miami.

Ana wants to live this happy moment with complete peace of mind and is aware of the media commotion that the decision to become a mother at 68 through surrogacy has generated. She understands that in Madrid she will have to face photographers and reporters, and it is not how she wants her daughter to live the first weeks of her life.

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“He intends to stay in the United States as long as is long enough. He could stay there for several weeks, even a couple of months if necessary,” they say in Week people in your closest circle. “Now being away from the media focus is good for her” and now “he just wants to take care of the baby.”

Thus, the time spent in Miami would depend on three factors: the media storm, the legal issues related to the registration and documentation of the girl and the basic vaccination card for the newborn, necessary for a 10-hour flight and a change of country do not pose a risk to your health. It takes between one and two months to inoculate the first doses of the different viruses (depending on each country) in a baby.

However, there is a question in the air: the presentation of The boy with the shrewsthe book that Aless began to write and that his mother finished. Her presentation is scheduled for April 19 and Ana would never miss it. That is the key to knowing what Obregón’s next step will be: if the publisher announces the delay or cancellation of said event.