Ana Obregón collected the money she spent on her son’s treatment from her health insurance: “Even the trips”

Ana Obregon She has taken it upon herself to remind her son’s father in several of her public interventions that she assumed all or most of the expenses of raising Aless since he was born. But above all, the presenter has recently thrown darts to proclaim to the four winds that it was she who personally and without financial help from Lequio assumed the enormous costs of the very expensive treatment that the young businessman received in his terrible battle against cancer, a war that unfortunately He could not win, although he fought like a titan as long as his strength sustained him. The fight, whose sad end we all know, was long and certainly did not go cheap.

Aless Lequio He received the first news of his illness in Madrid, when he went to the doctor because of the first symptoms. At first he was not diagnosed with cancer. “Two weeks before everything, my son was the most generous and joking person in the world,” the actress said on a set days ago. Then came the bad news that became terrible. It was discussed in the capital, in New York and later in Barcelona. That’s how it went. The actress faced the immense expenses that came with the illness that finally defeated the young businessman when she was not yet 28 years old. “I drew strength and all my life savings because you don’t know what medicine is in the US; because I couldn’t cure my son in Spain since there weren’t the things to cure him,” Ana herself said on Friday on Telecinco.

They tell us that “there was some income from reporting that contributed.” But, above all, what there was was insurance, Aless’s, contracted with one of the most important companies. Thanks to that policy, and as revealed by a source familiar with the matter, Ana Obregón received “most” of the money spent, “including plane tickets, maintenance, apartments and of course medical expenses,” a person from the area clarifies. of the biologist on a matter that she herself has referred to in the media. “Even the trips,” they point out.

It was not easy to collect it. According to what they tell us, Ana Obregón met personally with senior executives of the insurance company since “initially, it was not clear that she would be reimbursed for everything she claimed.” Sources familiar with those meetings indicate that the insurance company took into account, “among other arguments”, the possible consequences of refusing to pay such a famous person the amounts claimed. That is to say, it was considered that it was better to cover the expenses “despite it being a real fortune” than to run the risk of suffering “reputational damage” in the event of going to court and having “the other party” convert the process. in “one of his media circuses.”

Ana, unlike the father who also lost a son, chose to grieve in her own way: hours on screen, exclusives, statements, exhibitions in the media and networks. For her, in addition to being a way to contribute income to her economy, whether she donates it or not, it is a way to keep alive the legacy of her son, who died in 2020 at the age of 27 due to a sarcoma de Ewing. In the name of her son she wrote the book, and she has had a daughter who, according to her, is conceived from Aless’s semen because that was the young man’s wish; a wish that to date Neither his former girlfriend nor Alessandro Lequio have corroborated this.
The birth of Ana Sandra Lequio just over a year ago through surrogacy in the United States with a semen sample from her son and the successive exclusives, as well as her contradictory explanations about the donations of her work, raised as many controversies as political tensions; and not only in the media but on the street and even in Parliament.

Ana’s contributions to the Foundation that bears her son’s name have now been known, although it has not been clear without “everything” that she has raised for El Chico de las Musarañas and figures that the presenter has received for her exclusives ( in Hola and in different television spaces) are a mystery. She herself announced that she would donate all of that, in addition to promoting it on social networks. On that day, some experts estimated the amount of these reports at an amount close to one million euros. “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed,” she ended up admitting after doubting whether she had fulfilled what she herself announced on her day. Ana is capable of denying in the faces of viewers evidence that is impossible to hide. In fact, this Friday she denied that she had accused Lequio of leaking the data (which she did not accept). The aristocrat denied the major revealing that “the only ones who have access to the accounts are the treasurer and Ana.”

The fortune of Ana Obregón

We only know of one real estate property in the name of Ana García Obregón, at least in Spain: her mansion in La Moraleja. But the inheritance that little Ana Sandra will receive will be succulent. Far from her are those 14.5 million euros that her mother earned for the five seasons of Ana and the 7 (2002) or the between 50,000 and 80,000 euros that he won for each weekly contest program What do we bet? (1993). The 35,000 euros for the 2021 Chimes, investment in cement and brick.

The presenter’s assets are around 30 million euros, according to the magazine Readings Not a long time ago. His company records are revealing. Yoana Producciones SL managed its television brand and in 2015 had total assets of 3.4 million euros and 180,000 in profits. On the family side, he participates in Promotorados SA, a real estate company that he manages together with his four brothers and which in 2022 had assets estimated at 3.9 million euros, despite registering losses of more than 100,000 euros. Ana, Celia, Amalia, Javier and Juan Antonio García Obregón extinguished the company Promotorauno SA in 2013, which in 2011 had assets of 56 million euros, although a negative balance worth six million.

Another investment by the García-Obregón is in Niesa Nueva Inmobiliaria Española SA, which in 2022 had assets of 3.7 million euros, despite registering losses of more than 280,000 euros. We are talking about the company that promoted the luxury residential area of ​​La Moraleja, the main urban project carried out by his father. Antonio García was a visionary entrepreneur, very hard-working and became a millionaire building Madrid in the 70s. He was helped by his father-in-law, Juan Obregón, Ana’s grandfather and an important builder of the time. The great Antonio Obregón affectionately referred to his daughter as “Antoñita la Fantástica”, as the biologist herself has related. Perhaps that explains why, like Pedro Sánchez, she does not lie but changes her mind. “I’m not going to donate any more exclusives, now everything is for Anita”he rectified in an interview granted to Sonsoles Onega after arguing the opposite.