Ana Obregón backs down: “I'm not going to donate the exclusives to the Foundation, now everything is for Anita”

The actress has broken her silence. After days of avoiding the controversy surrounding the donations that she publicly promised to make to the Aless Lequio Foundation which she herself presides over and which, to this day, have not yet been made effective, Ana Obregon has announced: “I'm not going to donate the exclusives, everything is for Anita now.”

The presenter has participated in the program And now Sonsoles after five days in absolute silence: “I should have spoken before but I thought the controversy would pass by itself”. The strategy of hiding her head in the sand has not worked and this Thursday, she finally admitted what we announced two weeks ago: Ana has not donated the money from the exclusives to the Foundation, as she assured that she would do. Now, the actress clarifies: “At no time have I said that all the money from all the exclusives were going to go to the Foundation. From now on, and let's be clear, I am not going to donate any more exclusives, everything will be for Anita.”

Obregón recalled that it was she who provided the 30,000 euros necessary to register the Foundation in the registry (money that she has subsequently recovered) and that she has also made some donations: namely, 6,020 euros obtained after auctioning a bag belonging to her mother and the money raised from a benefit concert in memory of his father, among others. “It makes me angry to say that I have given my own money because it seems that I am giving it a good way,” she said. She did not want to give figures this Thursday but she did give them a few days ago: about 50,000 euros. And she says: “Everything I have committed to, I have fulfilled.”

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Ana affirms that she has fulfilled the commitments she made, but you only have to check her social networks to find those works that she 'dedicated' exclusively and in solidarity to her son's foundation. Indeed, there were not all of them, but there were three covers for Hola. According to experts, the actress would have received more than 200,000 euros for these works, an amount much higher than the 50,000 that she has donated so far.

And not only that. Ana is an ambassador for the cosmetic company La Cabine and there were three advertising posts in which she also indicated that the benefits would go to the foundation.