Ana María Aldón pronounces on the “relationship without sex” of Ortega Cano and Patricia Donoso

Ana Maria Aldon has faced the new controversy faced by her still husband after Patricia Donoso will assure in Save me who had an affair with Ortega Cano when the designer was pregnant with her child with the right-hander.

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Just start Fiesta this Sunday, Ana María laughed: “A relationship without sex? What is that?” In reference to Donoso’s statements: “We had a relationship without sex.”

The former fruit eater is sure of her husband’s loyalty: “I have never had the impression that he has been disloyal to me. It is true that he is affectionate and, from a distance, it may have seemed to her that he is a purr, but it is surreal” .

In addition, she doubts the affectionate names with which they were supposedly called: “My husband does not know her and that they are called fat, I am very surprised that he calls you that, because he does not like that word at all.”

Aldón is worried about Ortega’s reaction, when she called Telecinco’s afternoon program out of her mind: “I wasn’t at home and when they told me what had happened I didn’t believe it. A few moments ago they played 20 seconds of a video in which I see my husband scream and I don’t like that he is nervous or that he takes it like that. I prefer that he doesn’t see anything and leads a quiet life.

Ana María thus supports the statements of her stepdaughter Glory Camilawho this Saturday came out in defense of his father: “They have never met personally, not even on the AVE. My father never commissioned him to make a statement. It is absolutely false. My father is going to take legal action and sue her.”